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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yozocraft stationery haul, my primped iPad and my new Instax Mini 7s =) has become one of my favorite sellers as of lately... the variety of super sweet, often vintage-style stationery is just too cute to resist and the prices are really good! Most products are either from Korea or China (but good-quality things!) and a few are from Japan. 
Korean stationery tends to be quite different from Japanese...less kawaii stuff and bright colors going on, but rather a "European" or "vintage chic" theme... I personally like both styles but as I said...overall a bit different.
As I mentioned above the prices are really good, the Korean stuff tends to be around or slightly above retail price...e.g. I got this really cool 24-sheet sticker set which retails for 8800 Won (a bit over US$8) and I paid US$10...not a bad increase and it´s much cheaper (shipping-wise) to pick up the stickers from Yozocraft rather than Gmarket...
As you see I got plenty of stickers, note books, memo pads, card cases... 

And here is my primped iPad... I only used stickers from the 24-sheet set. The stickers are not precut so it´s perfect to do any sort of creative art (scrapbooking etc.) with them... I like how it came out!
The reflection on the screen comes from a clear plastic cover protecting the layer of stickers.
Last week I got an order from Gmarket containing my new Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s, a magnifying lens, some films and a case for it. I also got free battery covers in 4 colors.
The quality of the pics is alright, not the best for sure but that´s the thing about Polaroids. Also the films are pricey but overall it´s a nice little toy to have around =P
Oh and since I spoke about Japanese stationery... this is a recent haul from glenns2634 on eBay...those matcha latte KitKats were seriously delicious!


tiffyama said...

Oh my goodness, so many cute things!! I used to love collecting stationary when I used to write to my friends..heh.

Loving your IPAD!!!

BTW, the Yozocraft site is adorable. You've got me hooked to browsing. XD

galpal.hi said...

Wow, a lot of stationery! They are definitely cute things that you got. Love your pimped out iPad too.


~Lisa said...

Lovely!! Everything is super duper kawaii!!

myolie said...

just bought some pens from the ebay seller too. find it really really hard to resist the cute things ha ha will visit yozocraft next. ^ ^

Kawaiiberri92 said...

wahhhhhhh sooo mannyyy cutteee thingss so jealous >u<

Choiii said...

Such cuuuute stationaries ^^

Have been wanting the get the fujimax for a while, what do you think of it?

Anonymous said...

Hey may i know which supplier you got the polaroid in gmarket from?

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