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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Somang Redflo Camellia Hair Shampoo, Conditioner & Treatment

I wanted to try the Redflo haircare from Somang since last summer when I discovered the products in an Egyptian Seif Pharmacy store (a chain of nicely modern and clean drugstores)... but for around US$25/bottle that was a bit too expensive for my taste though I would shell out that much money if I knew it´s a great haircare and I am out of other Asian products when I am in´s always good to have options!
The products looked so much like a Shiseido Tsubaki knock-off and the generous bottles (750ml for shampoo or conditioner and 500ml for the treatment) were really seductive to pick up back in summer...
Anyway, I was sure I could get the Redflo products for a fraction of the price on Gmarket....I know that Somang is not an expensive brand overall.
I did my search but didn´t find anything on Gmarket and then somehow forgot about that brand...
Anyway, recently I remembered it and I was searching on Google and found the Somang website where all the product names were printed in Korean so I could do my search with that and found lots of results on Gmarket! Most sellers (and those with the best offers) unfortunately didn´t send overseas but after some searching I found just what I wanted and the price was right, too (around US$7/each product) so I ordered a bottle each of the Hair Shampoo, Hair Conditioner and Hair Treatment.

Of course shipping turned out a bit more due to the weight but I ordered more things so the total costs per product came to maybe around US$12-13. Still ok, retail price in the US is US$20/each.

This haircare series smells really good, the typical floral camellia scent, similar to the famous red Tsubaki line but a bit more soapy. All products contain camellia water and camellia oil.

I actually expected to be disappointed by this haircare as after all it seemed quite cheap for the size so i didn´t have high hopes regarding the quality and being spoiled with excellent Japanese hair care.
I´d say that the Redflo haircare is pretty alright. When using all 3 products together my hair gets silky, fragrant and soft with a beautiful glossy shine however the whole series isn´t rich enough for my dyed hair. I´d say the products are good for dry hair but not for very damaged or color-treated/permed hair.

Overall a good haircare and well worth purchasing if you can get the products at a good price.

Rating 3.5/5


ChicSassyMom said...

Thanks for the review. My have eBay seller sells trial packs of this shampoo. I actually bought few packs, but they don't have the packs for the conditioner. I hope it works ok for me. And maybe I'll buy the full size.

Best Regards!
Des of

Miss said...

Hi Can you also help me find this haircare on Gmarket? What specific keywords have you put to search it? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

glad to checked your blog before buying a sample sachet to check if it's good to my hair. Amazingly, i love the effect! Shiny,soft,sultry hair all day long! In fact i got hooked! i even looked for this and luckily was able to find the 750ml in a korean shop for almost half of its price! :) thanks to your blog! :)

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