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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Xmas 2010: Kosé Esprique Precious Twinkle Story Collection coffret review

I received the Xmas coffret from Esprique Precious last week so I had time to play with the goodies and formed my opinion. Overall: I don´t like it that much.

On to the individual reviews... 
The Twinkle Story Collection coffret is the 2nd Xmas kit I decided to pick up this year (first and absolute favorite being Lunasol). I am not counting the Paul &Joe coffrets now as they came out so early that they didn´t feel like Christmas releases to me and to me P&J somehow isn´t a proper Japanese brand as it´s available in so many other countries (yea, call me weird, I know it´s made in Japan!).

Overall I didn´t really pick up so much Xmas stuff this year, very little actually compared to the past years... but I very much like what Kanebo offers us (Lavshuca and Lunasol! Though I also picked up some goodies from Kate that were very lame) and I also purchased some goodies from Shiseido (the perfume from Majolica Majorca and a few products from Integrate). From Kosé I got this coffret and a blush from Esprique Precious though I believe the new Gradation Layer Cheeks palettes aren´t actually an Xmas release.

The Twinkle Story Collection contains:
-Multi-Prism Palette, 6.8g
-Multi-Prism Palette case
-Pencil Eyeliner in BK001, 1.2g
-Aurora Crystal Lip Gloss SP002, 4.4g 
-Nail Color N in SP010, 5ml

As you see the palette is considered full-sized but the other items are smaller sizes.
Everything comes packed in a pretty dark box with a big booklet attached to the back (it includes pics and application tips). I am not posting pics of the application tips as I you can find the English version on Rouge Deluxe here!

The Multi-Prism Palette case is very pretty, it´s black with silver and holographic stars, much like the milky way.

The palette itself comes in form of 2 refills, one is the pan with the highlighter/eye base cream and the other with the 4 powder colors. There are also 2 applicators for the face and eyes as the Multi-Prism Palette is to be used on eyes and face.

This palette has a silky texture but is very sheer and shimmery. To me actually it´s a bit too shimmery to use it as a blush as my cheeks just look way too glittery with this one.
For the eyes the colors aren´t nearly as pigmented as I like them so the darkest plum color turns into a dirty pink on my eyes. I wished the purple would show up more true to the pan as this shade isn´t a color I particularly like on my eyes.
The silver shade is very sheer and glittery, a bit more pigment and metallic goodness wouldn´t have hurt either.

I didn´t try the 2 pinks on my eyes, just on my cheeks for which they are too 
shimmery as mentioned above.
The shimmery cream base makes a nice primer and highlighter and the shimmer it contains is more refined than the one in the powder shades.

I actually was quite pleased with how my overall EOTD turned out but still not oustanding at all.

The Pencil Eyeliner is quite pleasant to use, after rubbing the tip a bit against the back of my hand it´s soft enough to use it on my lower lids and on the inner rims where it lasts quite well. The color is a black shade with fine silver shimmer but the shimmer isn´t really visible after application.


The Aurora Crystal Gloss is an excellent sticky and thick gloss with a mirror finish. It contains some fine flecks of glitter. What bugs me as usual is that this is a clear gloss. Meh, why do the Japanese brands think it´s cool to include a clear gloss with each coffret? Why not some universally flattering peach, pink or beige...or a daring red....but clear is BORING! Well, it´s handy to apply on top of lipstick for a more glossy finish and the quality of this product is very good anyway so for those who need a clear shimmery gloss this is perfect.

The Nail Color N is quite pretty, it´s a clear-ish base with very fine flecks of white and blue shimmer. When worn in 2-3 layers it´s a really pretty nail color as the shimmer is so fine and dense that the nail polish turns almost opaque which is a color that reminds me of glistening snow in sunlight. 
The formula is quite fast-drying the the polish lasts very well, I removed mine after wearing it for 4 days and there was just a little tip-wear.

Overall I am disappointed with the palette and certainly the palette is the main attraction of the coffret. The gloss and eyeliner are alright though not oustanding, the nail color is very pretty but doesn´t justify getting the coffret. 
The coffret is very suitable for younger ladies who like shimmer and soft pinks.

It gets a nay from me and a rating of 3/5.

My friend Iris from Rouge Deluxe has written this excellent review and has posted the application tips in English here!


Haru said...

Hey Kathi,
The only item that didn't work for me is the eyeliner pencil. It felt quite hard, and I couldn't get it to apply without dragging along my eyelid. The eyeshadow palette is on the sheer side but it did work for me both as eyeshadows and as a blush. Like you, I much prefer the lipgloss applied on top of a lipstick.

Love the EOTD that you did with this! Your lashes look so pretty as usual :-)

galpal.hi said...

Despite the fact that the coffret was disappointing and the colors are quite sheer, your EOTD is beautiful!


Julia said...

As much as I love Kosé's skincare, their make-up usually fails to excite me.
Plus, Mai Kuraki (the model) looks gorgeous, but her music, which I liked a lot some years ago, has gone bla since she spends 80% of her time doing cosmetic commercials. (Strange reason to be upset, I know.) I just feel like I can get better quality for the same price at Coffret d'Or.

Lucy said...

Boo for clear lip glosses! They're really boring for me, no matter how sparkly. It's nice such a big booklet is included, i love looking at things like that. I love very light girly colours so i think i'd really like this set! Might try it.. but i don't wear pencil eye liner too much.

Unknown said...

Mmmm... I think I am getting it anyway...

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