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Saturday, November 27, 2010

My pathetic attempt of sewing a key cover =P

I consider myself a somewhat crafty person...that doesn´t say anything about having talent for it lol...but I try! As a mom of 3 kids I have to be crafty to a certain extent anyway hehe =D

I like to sew little uncomplicated things from time to time but since my sewing machine is broken I am doing it all by hand =X I ordered a new sewing machine so that will remedy this at least =D

I recently ordered bunches of stuff from Japankawaiiya, both her online shop and her Etsy store, among them tons of stickers, memo pads, pencils and other stuff. I have been hauling more stationery than makeup this month lol!
Since she had (and still has!) a sale on Etsy with everything being 50% off (excluding "sale" and "new arrival" items) I picked up a bunch of pretty Japanese fabrics, too, as they are usually great quality and come in the cutest designs.
I got half yards of various fabrics for as little as $2.50-6/each (depending on quality) which means I can sew lots of little things now! Half a yard is actually plenty of material, it can last for several pouches etc.!

I also got fat quarters of a few other of them being that pretty beige fabric printed with lace, pink roses and black kitties! 
And that´s the material I used for my first pathetic attempt of doing a key cover! =) the stitches on top are less than perfect, ouch! =X
I was inspired by the cute key covers from HouseofJam (one of my favorite Etsy stores as you might remember) but of course mine came out much simpler and less perfect but still I like it and use it right now!
I didn´t have a pattern so I just made it as I imagined would be correct and I even lined it and put some medium thick interface inside. There are some things I will make differently next you know: learning by doing! =)
It took me about 1 1/2 hours to sew this =X

All keys incl. my bulky car key fit inside completely so (at least) the size is perfect!


Carrie said...

Thats really pretty! You should do a tutorial! They would make wonderful stocking stuffers =)

Elana said...

It looks cute!!! For a first attempt that's pretty awesome! =D

Riya~ said...

it looks so cute! I like it a lot! And I didn't know you have 3 kids! You look young! =)

Edna said...

I have the same car key as you! Audi :)

plue said...

i think u sew pretty well! i can't sew for the life of me! :)

hope to see more of ur creations!!

Anahita said...

aww, its not a pathetic attempt it looks so cute :)

gingerSnap said...

Kitty with ribbon so cute! I couldn't believe that you are a mom of three. How do you manage it?

Violet said...

I actually like how it turned out. It looks so cute!

Kathi said...

Hi Pinkstrawberrielove,
yes, the are 3, 6 and 8 years old. I am turning 30 soon, i got married early, at age 20 =)

Hi Edna,
yes, an Audi A6 (the long, 4WD version) =D I love my car, it´s really great!

Hi gingerSnap,
well, it´s tough, I have to drive them around a lot, most of my morning I spend in the car as I have to drop off my youngest in a kindergarten a bit far from here but it´s the only one where they teach English. The 2 older kids are attending school and can walk there but still I drop and pick them there most of the time.
My husband is out of the country for around half of the year (but not in 1 go, usually he´s here for 1-2 months and then away for another 1-2 months.
I am still working on my Master deg. in law so my time to study is very limited... but overall I enjoy my life =P

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