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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Canmake Melty Nude Lip in 03 Baby Pink

I picked up a few super nude lipsticks recently from Apopofkawaii and among them was this Melty Nude Lip from Canmake in the most popular color 03 Baby Pink.
All 4 available colors look really pale so I decided on 03 Baby Pink as it seems to be the only color with some subtle pink tones.
Check colors etc. here.

I think the Melty Nude Lip comes in cute packaging, I like the rosey peach metal tube and also the shape of the lipstick´s tip looks interesting.

The texture is creamy but not overly emollient. The lipstick feels comfortable to wear and doesn´t dry out my lips but it tends to look uneven after eating so it needs to be reapplied completely new, a touch-up won´t do in my opinion.
Like with other nude lipsticks it needs 3-4 minutes to melt into the skin so if it looks a bit weird at first after application give it a bit of time to adjust into an even color.

The color is quite opaque which means that such very pale nude color can look blotchy (as it might accumulate in fine lines etc.)...having healthy smooth lips and prepping the lips with a good lip base is a must in my opinion or it might end up looking chalky.
For me a pale lip is more high-maintenance than red lips. I hate when nude lipstick wears off on the inner part of the lips leaving a red ring. Checking the lips in the mirror from time to time is necessary to do quick touch-ups and keep my lips looking neat.
The Melty Nude Lip wears surprisingly well and stays looking smooth even for longer time and it vanishes without gunking up in certain areas. 

03 Baby Pink is a very light beige with a subtle hint of pink. It looks quite nice when worn with a strong smokey eye makeup. It has a satin finish as it´s neither glossy nor chalky matte.

It´s still about a shade deeper than my skin so it doesn´t wash me out.

This lipstick is unscented and unflavored. 

Overall a good choice if you want a nude lipstick. Since it´s affordable it´s great to have this in one´s stash for experimenting with the pale lipstick trend that´s going on in Japan right now.
I am definitely getting more and more fond of the pale lip look!

Rating 4/5


Aranza said...

Wow I love the color!
I will google this and hope to find it =D

Riya~ said...

the design on the lipstick reminds me of beauty credit!

Stephanie said...

def very pretty! I'm sold on the tip of the lipstick too.

Jenni said...

03 baby pink is the most popular shade here and in JP too! this shade is always sold out :P i got 02, 03 and 04 and i love them all <3

Luciana said...

Oh i love these canmake lipsticks, i'll get ALL of them!

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