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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Japanese sweets haul

I dearly love all kinds of sweets with matcha (Japanese green tea) filling/flavor..but since there is nothing here with that flavor I decided to order some goodies from Hong Kong so I ended up with a bunch of delicious treats including also a few non-matcha things. I think these will last me quite a while as I try to eat very little of these as they are really special to me (and shipping is kinda pricey).
These are chocolates and cookies, there is also a bag of matcha-filled marshmallows!! =D

Here are the things I got:


MEOW said...

the matcha milky chocolates are DELICOUS! i love those :) same with the melty kiss chocolates!!! YUMYUM!!!

♥PINK DOLLY♥ said...

I always stock up on melty kisses in HK!

Anonymous said...

you can't get more japanese than getting japanese sweets.

Unknown said...

I love matcha sweets and chocolates too! They are sooo sooo delicious..


~Lisa said...

Mmm! Looks so yummy!

Franky said...

i love japanese sweets!! especially the melty kiss

Jennet said...

I love melty kiss! Strawberry is my favorite! ^p^

AnnaYJia said...

I love matcha ice-cream ~ I love to drink matcha ~ but matcha sweets...I feel like eat toothpaste actually =.=" LOL...

Jenni said...

Oh :) Lovely sweets haul! Where did you order them?

Maybe i can ship you some next time LOL? i'm living there :)

mr. pineapple man said...

looks so delicious!!!

skyblueinsf said...

Gal, some of those I saw in Japanese / Korea supermarket here! Like the meltykiss! I could help u buy some to ship to u~!~

Silkybow said...

ooooh japanese sweets are always so delicious and somehow kawaii XD/

Stephanie said...

amazing sweets! what site did you order them from?

Anonymous said...

i tried the "fran" green tea chocolate pocky and it's a little bitter but it's so goooood!! i still have the 3rd packet on my fridge saving it til i get another one~ lol!

can't wait to purchase the one you also bought!

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