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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Xmas 2010: Lunasol Party Coffret 2010U - Sheer Gold Holiday collection

This year the Lunasol Party Coffret 2010U turned to be out the most anticipated release for me as the kit looked like an incredible value for money and the contents like very pretty and wearable products.

I reviewed the sets from 2008 and 2009 so check out the reviews if you are interested.
The 2009 collection contained my favorite Lunasol palette (gray and pink!) and featured very pretty white compacts instead of the regular bronze color. 
2008 saw a pretty blush and a nice reddish-brown palette along with other goodies.

This year´s theme is Sheer Gold and for 6825 Yen the kit includes the following products:
-Aurorized Eyes in EX01 Sheer Gold Beige Brown, 5.5g
-Coloring Cheeks in EX01 Sheer Gold Beige Pink, 10g 
-Full Glamour Gloss N in EX18 Sheer Gold Beige Pink, 7.3g
-High Stylized Mascara in 01 Clear Black, 4g
-Makeup Pouch

All products are full-sized except for the mascara which contains half of a regular size. Overall a fantastic deal and great value for money!

So here are the reviews for the individual items:
I tried the Aurorized Eyes in the purple version but wasn´t so impressed so I sold it on LP Sales.

The Sheer Gold Beige Brown palette that comes in the kit is really an amazingly nice eyeshadow quint and a nice departure from the Lighting For Eyes series Kanebo put in every single Xmas coffret for at least the past 4-5 years.

This eyeshadow palette has an incredibly smooth and pigmented texture with a gorgeous glistening metallic finish. Really, the interesting thing about these eyeshadows doesn´t lie so much within the colors but rather in the finish of them.
Lasting power is great, I wore the palette today from morning till evening and the shadows still looked very fresh and crease-free.

The colors are very safe neutral beiges and browns, suitable for probably about any skin-tone out there.


The Coloring Cheeks blush doesn´t come in the regular-sized case but in a smaller one without a brush. Still the exterior of the compact looks like the normal Lunasol range and the blush itself is full-sized so it´s perfect for me.
The Coloring Cheeks has a sheer, glowy and silky texture. The pigment in this appears quite weak when swatched with fingers but oddly when applying it with a brush it shows up very well on me. 

The color is a very soft beige pink with fine shimmer which shows up as a pretty glow with a few scattered glitter bits on me. There are 3 shades ranging from lighter to medium so you can apply the lighter colors as a highlighter.

The Full Glamour Lips N is full-sized but comes in the special rounded instead of the angular tube. 
It´s a slightly thick and sticky gloss with a gorgeous pearlescent and shimmery finish which makes my lips look plump and pretty. The applicator is a regular soft doe-foot type.

The color is light but pigmented enough to show up and it gives those perfect nude-ish glossy lips without washing me out as still my natural lip color can shine through a little.
This is a hue of soft pearly pearl beige pink.

The High Stylized Mascara has thin application wand and contains fibers. It´s a lengthening mascara which looks super natural on me and since it features a drier formula it takes several layers to coat my lashes sufficiently.
The main draw-back is that this mascara weighs my lashes down even despite its dry texture.

It gives a super natural result and this is boring as I don´t like natural lashes :P

The makeup pouch is really pretty, it´s made of a glittery fabric which reminds me of the middle shade in the eyeshadow palette. It´s lined with a heavy pale golden satin fabric and has one interior pocket.

Overall my favorite Xmas coffret so far this year as it contains all pretty and wearable items and no single fail in my opinion...well the mascara is so-so but still it´s usable. I am waiting for the one from Esprique Precious but I doubt it can reach the Lunasol one in terms of color composition and wearability. 
Actually this year I didn´t really buy much of the Xmas stuff as there weren´t so many interesting collection featured for Xmas 2010 in my opinions.

I got mine from Adambeauty but he sold the kit out within 2 days after I posted the info here on my blog :P You can still snatch one up on and

PS the background I used for these pics is a pretty Japanese Xmas fabric printed with pale blue deer, trees and silver stars =)

Rating 4.5/5


Unknown said...

oh, the eyeshadw palette looks really nice ^^

frecklesspeckles said...

Your Aurorized Eyes 04 fell into my pocket :) I didn't like it at first coz I was using an eye brush to apply on my lids. Later, I tried using my fingers and it turned out super nice! The shadow stays put better therefore pigmentation was better. And it stayed on all day... loving it! :)

And I'm guilty of snagging the xmas set right after reading your post. LOL I can't wait to get my package!!! :)

Penelope said...

Thanks so much for the post and swatches! The collection looks great, especially love the eyeshadow palette

kylie said...

lovely review yet again. you pick up the most gorgeous products! the eyeshadow quint is lovely.

herroyalbleakness said...

Those are awesome washes on the lids, Kathi! You are so lucky to snag those babies before they sold out..

Jess said...

I have been tempted to get my hands on exactly this Holiday Collection out of all Japanese Makeup brands, and now after seeing your photos and swatches, I can't hold back myself any longer, haha...

From your swatches the texture looks amazingly smooth, and I looove the shades a lot! Also, the blush looks so pretty too!

Thanks for sharing! Now I know for sure this won't be a bad splurge, hehe... ;)

Jessying said...

Unfortunately I am not so much of brown person, because I don't look good on them.. I know this set is so worth and the pouch is so damn pretty :P And I was so tempted to buy because of the pouchh :P

Anahita said...

WOW the eyeshadow palette look amazing!! and nice EOTD :)

galpal.hi said...

I knew that this coffet would be a great value but I decided against getting it since it was browns and I thought that the eyeshadows would turn out to be pretty sheer. Seeing your swatches though, it isn't sheer at all and seems quite nicely pigmented. It's really a very lovely coffret and your EOTD looks gorgeous!


BV said...

It looks super gorgeous on you and I am beginning to think maybe I should get it... um..

reene said...

I knew I wanted this set as soon as I saw the promo pictures of it, but I didn't know if I really needed it since I've been so spendy lately. Then I saw this post, and I knew I had to have it! Can't wait to get it! Thank you for your wonderful review!

ashura said...

Tested it at the counter 2 days ago but wasn't impressed. But your photos seems to make the collection more interesting now all of a sudden??

Cynthia C. said...

Thanks for the post - I went ahead and ordered right after I saw your initial post about the Coffret... so glad I did!

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