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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kosé Visée x Royal Party Glam Nude Eyes N-6 & N-7 and Lash Blossom (Volume) Curl Separate Film Type Mascara

Visée recently did a collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Royal Party featuring 3 Limited Edition products like they did before with other brands like Mercury Duo and Duras Ambient.

This time the limited palettes are from the Glam Nude range so it was expected to see 2 rather natural and neutral palettes.
In contrast to the regular range of the Glam Nude Eyes the limited palettes come in white instead of black cases. I prefer the white ones as they look somehow prettier and more cheery than black.

Each palette contains a satin cream base (top right) which actually works really well as it´s not greasy and enhances the lasting-power of the shadows nicely. 
The texture of the powder shadows is excellent, very smooth and with nearly no fall-out during application. The pigment is there and the colors have a beautiful glistening finish. Only the shade at the bottom right has a bit of finely milled glitter.

N-6 Rose Pink Fur: My favorite palette, a lovely array of rosey-brown colors that look so feminine and sweet. The colors aren´t too red so they look really pretty and flattering!

N-7 Blond Fur: A warmer golden/bronze palette. The main bronze color (left side, middle) has an intense metallic finish. Even though the palette is quite warm I like it a lot. The colors work nicely with my complexion and eye color.

Overall great eyeshadow palettes, even though I consider them neutral they are more special than the usual bland browns and golds found in other  neutral play-it-safe-palettes.
Rating 4.5/5

The Lash Blossom (Volume) Mascara Curl Separate Film Type Mascara (what a name!) comes in a limited white tube. I thought it´s a regular comb-type mascara but unfortunately it has that coil-shaped plastic I am not particularly fond of.

The texture is too wet and heavy so the result for me are lashes that don´t look curled, are stuck together and just don´t look good.
Removal is easy with waterproof-makeup remover. 

BK002 is a pretty blackened brown but since the formula totally sucks I am not really going to use this.

Rating 1/5

I highly recommend the palettes but not the mascara!

This is N-6 but with the Heroine Make mascara:


Pammy said...

Your lashes look great, as if they were falsies! :P

Jenni said...

thanks for the swatches, the palettes look tempting to me now :P

sorry to hear about the wet makes me think of the Majo Majo lash expander i'm using (and planning to toss)...LOL

Lucy said...

I have to say your eye lashes don't look as lush with that mascara as they usually do in your EOTDs, but they're not as bad as some British mascaras I've tried!
Those palletes look great, I love how they come with a base too.

judy said...

Hi, I was just wondering if you bought the royal party palettes online? If so where can I find it? Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

love the these Visee palettes! been eyeing them for so long! Did Adambeauty end up stocking this range too? thx ^^

Mona said...

thanks for the beautiful swatches! I'm oogling at the pink glam nude eyes from visee!

btw, your lashes are so long and pwitty!

127days said...

*drools* I was lemming both of these palettes for so long but then I finally go over them... after you did the swatches, I want them again!!!

Magdalena said...

OMG, in your photos and swatches those palettes look totally drool-worhty, now I want them again!! XDE

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