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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Xmas 2010: Kanebo Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes BR-2 & Star Glow Rouge RS-1 & RD-3

As promised here is my review for a few more Lavshuca holiday products. I am really fond of the Star Decoration Eyes palettes so I purchased the neutral one in BR-2 as well. Please read my review of PU-1 and GN-1 here!

The Star Decoration Eyes look really gorgeous, just like jewels. I won´t go into details regarding packaging and texture though as I reviewed them thoroughly in my previous review.

The shadows in this palette are as silky and super smooth and very pigmented. I also love the gorgeous metallic finish and blendability of these colors.
Only the color in the center has a glittery texture as it´s meant to be used as a top-coat (and it looks very pretty when used as such!)

BR-2 is a very neutral palette that should work with about any skin-tone and eyecolor. The colors are ivory, medium brown, dark brown and a pink glittery shade. 

If you are looking for a cute and high-quality neutral brown palette this is definitely worth your consideration!

I am probably going to pick up PK-1, too, whenever it pops up on Adambeauty =) 

Retails for 1680 Yen.

Rating 5/5

The new Star Glow Rouge lipsticks looked a bit bland and matte on the swatches provided on the Lavshuca website. I thought that´s a bit odd as matte colors aren´t that festive for the holiday season, maybe unless it´s a vibrant deep red or so.

I purchased 2 colors as I supposed that the "Glow" in the name of the lipstick would indicate that they aren´t matte.

The Star Glow Rouge lipsticks come in really pretty swivel-up tubes with a rhinestone on the top. These are regular sized lipsticks (3.8g) and cost 1575 Yen.

The lipsticks have a wonderful creamy texture which wears comfortably even for longer time. They feel quite hydrating but aren´t too glossy or oily/slick.
They show up very well on me so I´d say these are medium-pigmented.
The finish is creamy, shiny and with shimmer. Verrrrrrrrry pretty!
Of course these are unscented like all other Lavshuca lipsticks.

RS-1 is a cool pink

RD-3 is a pretty natural reddish pink.
Rating 5/5

Again great products from Lavshuca, this brand is really getting better and better in my opinion. I got mine from Ichibankao.


Fifi said...

They look gorgeous on you =)

Lucy said...

I'm really interested in buying some Japanese lipsticks, but the colour range is never that wide. I mean, for what I'm looking for, I want a violet colour with blue tones, not red or piknk, or a very very cool pink. But they look so pretty on you =( I might just change my hair colour so I can try these. (My hair is ginger right now from a dye mess up, and anything but browns and blue tones look horrid on me!)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Beyond beautiful! Thanks for the reviews. =D

Citrine said...

The palette looks great with your eye color!

kylie said...

love the swatches!

galpal.hi said...

Those lipsticks do look beautiful on you.


imcarvalho said...

Do you think that the shimmer of the eyeshadow is the same as the Visée Blossom eyes? I loved those palletes texture wise and such, but the shimmer was a bit overwhelming for me!

Ahleessa said...

The eyeshadow palette from Lavshua is hot!!!

Julia said...

I bought the Star Glow Rouge in RS-1 due to your review and I must say, the colour looks completely different from your picture. O_o

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