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Friday, November 26, 2010

Hakugen Bath Salts in Yuzu & Forest

I think my love for Japanese bath powders/salts/milks etc. is no secret here =P It started years ago with the bath powders from Kracie Tabinoyado and ever since I have tried a plethora of different products from various brands.
The scent and colorful water just feel like a spa treatment...really love that!

I like getting big containers with bath powders instead of the usual single use sachets as this is on the long run more economical (I like to take at least 2-3 baths per week, other days I will just take showers) but on the other hand it can happen that the scent is not good and then I am stuck with a big amount of bath powder (thankfully that didn´t really happen yet as most Japanese brands manage to scent their products nicely but I have couple of big bath powders I am not that fond of).

Recently I purchased 2 big 680g containers of the Bath Salts (or actually powders) from Hakugen in the 2 scents that appealed to me: Yuzu and Forest.
I am not a fan of floral scents so I skipped the one in the Rose scent which was also available.

The Yuzu (a kind of citrus grapefruit?) tub looks like it´s some instant drink and not a bath product =P I can well imagine my husband drinking it if I would let it stand near the kitchen =P
The 680g containers are good for about 23 baths each if you use the full 30g they suggest per use. Inside the cap there is a circle to dose the salts and I usually use a little less as the water smells really intensely enouhg so probably I can get close to 30 baths out of one tub.

The salts are finelly milled and dissolve in the water right away without leaving any annoying sandy bits behind.
Both aren´t drying out my skin at all but aren´t particularly moisturizing either. I always use a body lotion after bathing anyway.

Yuzu is a wonderful sweet citrus scent without any bitter or overly sour notes. The water color is a cheerful yellow.

Forest is a spicy herbal scent, not quite too forest-y as this can smell harsh but rather a sweeter and lighter version. 
The water color of course is a bright green even though the salts look somehow brownish.

Overall really lovely products and very worth getting. I purchased mine from Alphabeautyuk on eBay.

Rating 4.5/5


Lucy said...

When i was in Muji japan, i adored all their bath salts and i've been hooked on it since. Muji in London only stocks rose, grapefruit and milk! Boooo! There were like 20 scents in Japan.
great review!

astrorainfall @ beauty box said...

I love Japanese bath salts too! I think the reason why they have awesome bath salts is that the whole nation is obsessed with hot baths.

Bathclin is quite a reliable brand and I've tried a few of their bath salts. They don't smell like Western bath products because they are more like mineral-infused bath essences rather than soapy bubble baths.

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