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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First purchase from Ekilove =)

I´ve seen some of the very pretty jewelry made by Eki from featured on some other blogs and I love reading her blog, too, so when she posted new items up for sale I instantly had to pick up one of her beautiful necklaces.

I got the package and everything came so sweetly wrapped, just like a piece of art by itself =D Love the cute gift bag, box etc.! I also got some sweet little extras and I think her business cards are too cute, too!

Anyway, this is the necklace I received and I really love it! It´s a very nice quality item, both in materials and look. I am definitely going to wear this a lot!
Overall I am absolutely delighted with my purchase and can highly recommend to check her online shop out!


Unknown said...

omg so cuteee!! i love eki's stuff ^^

Lucy said...

Wow, didn't expect such high quality. I know she's an artist, but it still shocks me. Looking through her jewlery, there's actually a lot I'd like, though I'm not a big fan of wearing jewlery at all.
But, I don't like the idea of supporting small time sellers like this. (Jealousy. Petty, I know!) Though I'm deeply concidering now to get some cute earrings for christmas... And wrapped like that, too cute too cute!

Jennet said...

Great choice! I've been wanting to order from ekilove for a while now, her pieces are so cute!

kaizokumousy said...

yes Eki is sweet too!I really havent purchased anything from her yet, but before I emailed her because I been wanting to have a shop like her's but I can't beleive she would reply to me sweetly and thought me also.^_^ I' am really suprised how cute the necklace that yu goT!I love it!^^

Anonymous said...

Eki's stuff is so pretty!! I really want to get some but they sell out so quickly!!

Gaby Fauchon said...

Wow, this is beautiful!

Unknown said...

High five for suppporting EKi lvoe jewellery ^^

Eki is adorable. Her jewellery are very good quality and designs are very cute too.

You bought yourself a very beautiful piece of jewellery.


eki said...

Hi Hun!

Thank you for taking your time to make a post about ekilove truly appreciate your support and LOVE!! ^___^

Happy to hear you are pleased with your necklace! Keep up the great Work on posting wonderful hauls & reviews for everyone its much appreciated!!<3

~Lisa said...

It's gorgeous! Took my breath away XD

Unknown said...

I love Eki's pouches. I think I have 3. Once she makes more, I'm going to buy more :X

Jen said...

Her attention to details amazes me. Very cute indeed! x

IchigoBunnie said...

so pretty!! this makes me want to buy them even tho i shouldnt be spending more money xD

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