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Friday, November 5, 2010

Xmas 2010: Kanebo Lavshuca Star Decoration Eyes PU-1 & GN-1 + Perfect Gloss SPF21 PA+

I can never skip new eyeshadow palettes from Lavshuca... this brand has grown into one of my favorites over the past year as there were some really good releases. The Natural Beauty collection was my favorite summer release this year!
For Xmas there is quite a large collection featuring new eyeshadows, lipsticks and a lip base/gloss.

I picked up a total of 3 of the new Star Decoration Eyes palettes, the Perfect Gloss and 2 of the new Star Glow Rouge lipsticks. So far I have received 2 of the palettes and the gloss so I´ll review the other 2 items later.

The Star Decoration Eyes are very cute small compacts incl. 4 shadows/each. They look really princessy and the shadows are arranged like some jewelry so I think they look very pretty.

The range features 2 brown palettes, a pink, a purple and a green quad. I first got the purple and green quads as they looked interesting but also picked up the cooler brown quad which I will hopefully received by next Tuesday (EMS shipping is usually predictable =P).
I love the texture of the Melting Eyes quads that came out for summer as they were very soft and pigmented so I hoped the Star Decoration Eyes would have the same formula.

And to my greatest delight these palettes have a super silky and smooth texture with great color pay-off. Seriously, these babies are very pigmented for a Japanese drugstore brand! The finish of the 3 outer shadows is somewhere between intense pearl shimmer and metallic whereas the middle is the inevitable Japanese glitter shade.

Lasting-power is good, e.g. I wore the purple quad for about 14 hours and even had forgotten the eyelid base and there was only a bit of fading and creasing going on.

The color schemes are all a bit on the pastel side which makes them very suitable for spring and summer.
The colors are definitely not unique or outstanding but the overall quality makes them a worthwhile investment if you are looking for those kind of shadows. 

PU-1 includes lavender, white, plummy brown and sparkly pink.

GN-1 is a combination of a rather bright fresh grass green, pale green, olive-brown and sparkly light beige.

Retail price is 1680 Yen.

Rating 4.5/5

The Perfect Gloss is a very thick balm to be used as a lipstick base or as a lip care gloss. It comes in a cute squeeze-tube and is unscented and unflavored.

It has a milky pink color when squeezed out but applies clear. I really like the thick texture which lasts very long, gives a pretty glossy sheen and feels moisturizing.

When using this as a lipstick base I dab on really little but the slightly sticky texture helps the lipstick to cling to my lips and look even.
Contains a sun protection of SPF21 PA+.
The 8g tube retails for 600 Yen.

Overall a lovely little product!

Rating 4/5

Both products can be purchased from Ichibankao and Mihokoshop, Adambeauty will probably have this soon, too.


Jenni said...

wow that's quick! thanks for the swatches <3

Anonymous said...

i particularly like your first EOTD with PU1. the eye shadows are all right but it's the eyeliner that caught my attention. it's thick and attention grabbing but yet it's not scary at all. lovely eye makeup as always.

Riya~ said...

they look super cute and pigmented

Paris B said...

Kathiiii! I love how these look! And I'm not into Lavshuca most times. Sigh. I think Adambeauty is due a visit

Anahita said...


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