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Monday, November 22, 2010

Shiseido Integrate Gracy Lipstick RD620

Right now is the time for crimson lipstick here! It´s really cold, misty, leaves turned brown or yellow (and mostly fell from the trees) and we even had a load of snow already.

I am not shy when it comes to red lipstick, I have quite a few I love and wear them with a neutral eye, especially in winter and fall.

I picked up a pretty new red lippy recently on eBay (alphabeautyuk) from Integrate Gracy, it´s their Lipstick or Rouge (don´t know if that´s the proper name) in RD620.

The Lipstick comes in a simple deep blue swivel-up tube made of plastic. It´s pretty basic packaging like all the products from Integrate Gracy since this line from Shiseido is targeted towards more mature ladies. 

This lip color has a creamy and smooth but not too soft texture. It feels moisturizing and comfortable and lasts quite well. This is really a pigmented lipstick with a creamy finish and without any scent or flavor. 
For such a strong color I recommend using a lip liner and a base as this lisptick´s only fault is that it can accentuate flaky lip skin. Some might like to use a lipbrush but I dislike lip brushes so I apply straight from the tube.

This is a full-sized lipstick which contains 4g. I am not sure about the retail price but I paid about US$12 or so....not pricey at all for a nice quality lipstick.

RD620 is a rich red, quite neutral and deep. It was hard to capture the color as it looked strangely orange on the flash pics...however I cannot detect orange tones in natural light. 

 Rating 4/5


Lucy said...

Very bold. Your lips look fuller with this colour, I think! I have red hair right now, I think I might wear red for the first time ever too. I've never thought about wearing my make up to suit the seasons before

estherfkim said...

love the red!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! Looks beautiful :)

Anahita said...

Love this red on you :)

Luciana said...

This lipstick looks perfect on your fair skin!!

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