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Friday, May 30, 2008

Kanebo Lunasol Summer 2008

This year Kanebo Lunasol released a really fabulous collection for Summer 2008. All colors are so fresh and summery it's fantastic to even just look at them to feel cheered up.

-Sheer Contrast Eyes: Actually this is one of the silkiest Lunasol palettes in my opinion. And I don't find this sheer at all! It's definitely medium-pigmented and blends so smoothly it's a dream!
There are 2 quads, the typical Japanese bronze summer quad that's way too warm for me (EX-02) and the most gorgeous quad of taupe, cream, aqua and spring green (EX-01). The cream is glittery whereas the other 3 colors are very shimmery in a refined and elegant way. The glittery shade doesn't look tacky at all though and is very wearable.

-Full Glamour Gloss N: These are a disappointment for me since they're so sheer. Also the texture is a bit odd as it tends to just sink into my lips leaving them a bit dull. I wouldn't repurchase them.
Available in 10 colors. I got 05 Tender Beige, 07 Beige Rose and EX01 Summer Red.

-Geminate Liner: A pretty metallic grass green liquid liner (07). This is a very fresh and special color you won't find often in Japanese brands.
There is also a pale golden ivory liquid liner (06) but I don't use pale liquid liners really.

There is also a bunch of new nail colors but I skipped them.
Retail prices are 5250 Yen for the eyeshadow quad, 2625 Yen for each of the glosses and 2940 Yen for the Geminate Liners.


Unknown said...

Hi, i linked to your blog through MUA! Love your collection! I really like this Lunasol palette. Where do you usually buy your Japanese goodies? Do you think it'd be cheaper to buy in Asia (specifically Taiwan) or do eBay and the other etailers sell for around the same price?

Kathi said...

I usually buy on adambeauty or I bet you can buy this a lot cheaper in Taiwan as online prices are usually jacked up quite a bit. I purchased the palette from

Anonymous said...

Hello! I bookmarked your blog when you posted it on MUA :]. I read somewhere that Lunasol would be coming out with those Skin modelling Eye quads, a navy one for summer?

This is the spring:

This is Summer??

But you have reviewed Sheer Contrast eyes??
*very confused*

Kathi said...

Nope, the items I am discussing in my post are indeed from the Japanese Summer collection 2008.
The Spring line-up consists of 4 Sheer Contrast Eyes, some blushes and a new series of lipsticks.
The Summer collection you are linking to is being released in Taiwan this year but is in fact last year's summer collection that was released in May 2007. If you check MUA or Rouge Deluxe you'll find reviews on last year's Skin Modelling Eyes palettes in Navy and Bronze.
Hope you're not confused anymore =) said...

This is another thing I have coming in the post :) It all looks lovely there is a video on YouTube where they are applying this collection, so beautiful, it convinced me to buy the liners too!

Citrine said...

that eyeliner has such a pretty color! (I like green since I was in 6th grade!)...I saw a post on one of my fav bloggers and found your site,you are sure very inspring (make me want to shop)...

Hope you don't mind, I will be stalking you(your blog to be exact)...


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