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Friday, September 24, 2010

Creer Beauté La Rose de Versailles Antoinette Lovely & Cute Eyes (gel eyeliner)

While I am not a real Lady Oscar/La Rose de Versailles (an older anime series) fan I couldn´t resist picking up the gel eyeliner in the brown shade (Antoinette Lovely & Cute Eyes) from the Creer Beauté La Rose de Versailles range...actually I picked up the brown one because I like Marie Antoinette way more than Oscar lol...yes, I am so shallow! Anyway, I have a ton of black gel eyeliners and only a few brown ones so this was another good reason, too =P
Actually the pic of Marie Antoinette looks quite cute and the gel liner is nicely presented in its packaging.
The liner itself comes in a small glass jar with the "La Rose de Versailles" logo and a golden rose on top of the cover.
It comes with a brush which works really perfectly, it´s a flat rounded synthetic-fiber eyeliner brush. Very good quality in my opinion!
The gel liner Antoinette Lovely & Cute Eyes is very creamy and easy to spread while being super pigmented so it´s really a breeze to apply this evenly. 
This liner promises to be waterproof, sweat-proof, resistant to will not smudge, won´t fade and last for 24 hours. Actually this is an amazingly lasting liner, once set it stays where it is (like the majority of gel liners anyway) so it´s a really nice product, especially since it applies so smoothly and comes with a great brush, too.
The color is a rich chocolate brown which is dark enough to give good definition but still is more natural than black. It does have a very slight reddish tinge though so wearing this on my inner rims (like on my EOTD) is not that flattering as it looks just too red. 
On my EOTD I am wearing the Kate Dual Blend Eyes in BK-2 and this liner (and mascara).

This is a very affordable item, priced at 1260 Yen (about US$14). I got mine from Adambeauty for US$11 which is actually about US$3 less than the retail price but already includes airmail shipping! I think it can´t get much cheaper than that online =)
There is also a black liner with a Lady Oscar theme, it´s called Oscar Cool & Impact Eyes

Rating: 4/5


Anonymous said...

yay! I thought you may have given up on this series after you last liner review. Glad you like! I really want to get the black one but I am waiting to finish my Kate (which won't be for a long time =.=) tempted to give in and buy it anyway...thx for the review :)

~Lisa said...

Ooh, cute packaging! I really like using browns because black looks so intense on me!

Unknown said...

I was wondering whether to get it for a berubara fan friend of mine.. I might give it a go! I'd want one myself, but I need to finish the one I have already! Thanks!!

Unknown said...

cool! I want to try it out now! :D great review~ thanks

Unknown said...

Really pretty on you :) The color looks soft and wearable :) Plus, the name of the product is so pretty too... Beaute la Rose :)

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