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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall 2010: Esprique Precious Heart Graphical Rouge PK832

I never can resist new lipsticks or eyeshadows from Esprique Precious as it´a wonderful brand worth purchasing usually.
As far as I noticed the fall collection is only small consisting of a new mascara, new lipsticks and new glosses. 
I purchased 2 of the lipsticks and the mascara but so far only have received the Heart Graphical Rouge in PK832 which I ordered from Gooddealer along with the RMK nail polish and the 2 Maquillage fall items I reviewed a few days ago.
The Heart Graphical Rouge comes in a really pretty tube, I really like how the silver tube is designed.

Texture-wise this isn´t the best lipstick from Esprique Precious, actually the Heart Graphical Rouge is not as creamy and emollient as I like and the shimmer bits are a little gritty. I still  think it wears comfortably and I like how it looks on my lips as it is shimmery and glossy and just pretty. 
As usual among most Japanese brands this is neither scented nor flavored.
The cutest part about this lipstick is the heart carved into the tip =) But unfortunately with a few uses it vanishes.
PK832 is a sheer neutral pink.
Not sure about the retail price, probably around 3200 Yen. I paid around US$30 plus shipping plus handling so it came to about US$35. Not the cheapest lipstick and I wouldn´t get another piece at this price so I am happy I scored the other one and the mascara for around half their retail price on eBay (will be reviewed when I receive them!)=P 

Rating: 3.5/5


Unknown said...

aw that lipstick is adorable, nice color too! Is it really that glossy out of the tube :D?

Georgina said...

oh kathi it looks so pretty on you, well, everything looks pretty on you but still, this one is very cute, just like the heart embossed on top of the lippie. kawaii! ^_^

thanks for the review :)

Alexandra said...

The lipstick is Oh-So-Awesome!!!


Jennet said...

The heart on top is so cute!!

♥ Starryxuan said...

the lipstick look pretty on you!

Anonymous said...

The lipstick really does look pretty on you.

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