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Monday, September 27, 2010

Giveaway closed....

The winner is:


Please email me ASAP as your email addy is not written!
Thanks for the comments! There were some requests I found justified (like introducing a rating system about which I thought for long time and posting tutorials though I am sure I am not really a skilled makeup artist or so lol) but some I didn´t understand so I wonder if some people don´t read my complete reviews?

I wanted to point out the following points:
Request: I should write where I got an item and how much I bought it for.
Answer: Well, I nearly always state where I got my items from and the retail price as long as I can find it out so it annoys me a bit when people comment on a post where I clearly stated my shopping source asking where did I buy it from. If I review something I won on eBay in an auction and don´t state the seller this means that the same seller will not have more so you need to do your own search.

Request: Put more pics in my reviews.
Answer: I think my reviews are pic-heavy enough usually. I don´t take pics of every single cream etc. as I think there is no need to swatch a white cream that looks like 100000s of others.

Request: State ingredients.
Answer: I usually post a pic of the ingredients list as long as it´s available even if it´s printed in Japanese/Korean as I suppose some people who can read those languages might not have direct access to the products as they might not be in their home place. Unfortunately I often cannot help you with ingredients if they are only printed in Japanese or Korean as I can´t read either. If I forget to take a pic of the ingreds then please take my apologies, I probably just took a pic of the wrong side of the box lol!

Request: Post FOTD pics.
Answer: Sorry, I am not going to post full-face pics. I kept it so and will continue that way. I only post EOTDs and LOTDs when I have them ready.

Request: Split giveaway into more parts to make more readers happy.
Answer: The idea is good and I thought about it and I did before however it´s a financial matter because shipping is really expensive here from Austria so shipping 2 or 3 packages might end up costing me US$25 or more so honestly right now that´s a bit too much for my taste so right now I am only making 1 person happy, sorry! lol

Request: Review items a and b from brand x, y and z because I want to read about them.
Answer: I am sorry but I only review items I am interested in and don´t take review requests. If I had endless money I´d review everything lol but I have to be selective an purchase what I want.


anna-l said...

the winner is... who? I can't read it :(

~Lisa said...

Huhhh? Is it just me or is there no winner named in this post? o.O

LittleKassieGirl said...

erm, is the name posted after the person replies..?

Silvi Starfeathers said...

Maybe its just me, but after the word "The winner is:" there is nothing but a blank.

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is lovely as is. It's unique and great to drop by. No need for change.

Violet said...

Thank you very much! I sent you a email for my personal info.

Lucy said...

To be honest, people who applied for the give away probably don't even read your blog (or that's how it seems, from what they say.)
How comes you don't like to post FOTDs? Protection?
I'll win one of your giveaways one day! hahaha

Unknown said...

I like your blog the way it is :) darn...I must have missed the giveaway ^^;;

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