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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Shiseido Kesho Wakusei Shadow Conscious BR02 & Rouge Elegance PK003

Kesho Wakusei is a very inexpensive beauty line by Shiseido sold in convenience stores in Japan. When I went to Japan some years ago I picked up some items from this brand and they were alright but nothing outstanding.
Recently I stumbled across a few cute goodies on eBay and since they looked very different compared to the past goodies I decided to pick up an eyeshadow trio and a lipstick.
I purchased the Shadow Conscious in BR02 which looked like a nice cool brown-taupe trio. The case is interesting, quite bulky and jewel-shaped in some way. There is no mirror inside, instead there is an applicator attached to the inner side of the cap.
The texture is smooth but not really silky or soft. Pigment-wise this is about medium I´d say but the shadows are a bit crumbly and hard to blend, also they are not clinging to my lids evenly during application.
Still my EOTDs turn out alright when using this shadow trio but it somehow lacks luminosity and depth. Still it´s a good choise if you need a subtle neutral set of eyeshadows without much shimmer.
BR02 is a palette of cool browns, even with a slight plummy tone.
Overall not worth it as it´s not that cheap and you can get a palette from Integrate, Kate, Majolica Majorca or Lavshuca for the just a few US$ more.
Retails for 1260 Yen.

I didn´t have more luck with the Rouge Elegance in PK003. Normally pretty much any Japanese lipstick is good as long as it´s made by Shiseido, Kanebo, Kao or Kosé (and there are other good brands, too). However Shiseido got this Rouge Elegance quite wrong for my taste. 

The tube looks cute with the stars on the black metal, the outer part is made of white plastic though so it´s not that special.
The texture however sucks in my opinion. It´s strange and waxy and makes the lipstick look uneven. It´s sheer but doesn´t look that glossy, just a bit flat. Doesn´t wear comfortably either as it feels a bit drying.
PK003 is a milky medium pink.
Overall both products can be easily skipped in my opinion as they are just mediocre. Kesho Wakusei is not easily available online anyway and it´s not worth hunting down the items IMO.

I´ll start a rating now from 1-5 stars as requested by several readers. 1 is worst, 5 is the best rating.

Shadow Conscious: 3/5
Rouge Elegance: 2/5


~Lisa said...

Beatiful eye look and love the lip color! You have really nice features =)

Unknown said...

oh darn...the rouge elegance has such a nice color :( oh wellz...

Laura L said...

i thought the lip color is really pretty in such a cute pink color... but awww.... for the texture >.<

jchanarts said...

Thanks for the awesome reviews!

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