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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kracie Shinsou Hoshitsu Hadabisei Facial Serum Pack Essence

"Sleeping Packs" are very popular among Asian brands as they promise special deep care for the skin during the night. I tried a few Korean ones and was quite happy with them, especially the Q10 from Tony Moly (which I believe I reviewed couple of years or so ago).

Kracie came out with a Facial Serum Pack Essence some months ago and it´s a sleeping pack to use overnight. The whole box and everything is printed in Japanese so I had to rely on the descriptions from Sasa and Alphabeautyuk on eBay but both state it´s an overnight treatment good for about 50 nights per bottle.
The bottle reminds me a lot of Kosé Sekkisei but in red and white. It comes with a pump which is definitely the best and most hygienic packaging for anything related to face care. 
The Facial Serum (as written on the box) Pack Essence (as it´s called on the bottle) is a milky white gel-cream with a soft floral scent. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, GABA (amino acid), Collagen, Royal Jelly (all for moisture/hydration) and natural Glucosamide (for brightening).
I was afraid it would be too much high-tech for my sensitive skin so I ordered it but still was a bit hesitant to use it. 
I started using it some weeks ago and it´s absolutely amazing stuff! It doesn´t feel sticky but absorbs really quickly and makes my face silky soft. In the  next morning my skin is plump and feels deeply hydrated and smooth.
I haven´t encountered any irritation at all so I will continue using it.
Use as last step of your skincare at night before you sleep and wash off in the next morning.
I paid around US$12 or so so it´s an inexpensive treatment!



Violet said...

which on do you like more the Q10 from Tony Moly or this one?

Kathi said...

Both are good, I like the Kracie one a bit better even though the size of Tony Moly is way more generous for the price

Sunflower said...

Where can I buy this product? :)

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