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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fall 2010: RMK Nail Color EX in P-21 Deep Purple Rose

There are 4 new Nail Color EX shades from RMK for fall 2010, nice rich colors perfect for this season. I haven´t tried RMK nail polish before but when I saw this post on Rouge Deluxe I had to get that same color P-21 Deep Purple Rose because it looked like an awesome autumn color.
I got this product from Gooddealer as his price was the best however if you include the shipping and handling fees it turns out to be a slightly pricey nail polish. I have to say it´s absolutely worth it as the texture/color etc. are just perfect. 
I am not much of a nail polish person even though I have 100s of colors but there are some points that are really important for me (and probably the majority of other ladies, too.)
Ease of application (brush, leaves no strokes), opacity (with such rich colors I am looking for a good opacity!), drying time (the faster the better) and wear (that the nail color stays glossy and doesn´t chip for at least 4 days which is something i only encounter with the P&J nail colors). Furthermore I generally don´t like chunky glitter in my nail polish or a color which dries to a flat finish or gets dull/scratched quickly.

The RMK Nail Color EX fulfills all the criteria above, it´s very pigmented, applies smoothly, dries quickly and leaves a wonderfully glossy shine for at least 4 days. There was no chipping until removed the color on the 4th day as I wanted to try out another color I just got. 
Overall this is an absolutely fantastic product and sometimes it´s just worth paying a bit more for great quality. I know the nail pro ladies will flame me but this wears way better on me than OPI or Chanel =P 
I used a base coat from P&J and the Rapidry top coat from OPI (which I like better than Seche Vite btw).
The color is a deep berry plum shade, just what I like right now.
Retail 1525 Yen for 12ml.
Sorry for my ugly NOTD, had to trim my nails as they were breaking (a problem I often have).

Rating: 5/5


Anonymous said...

You have such tiny nails!

Haru said...

Hey Kathi dear,
I'm so glad you like it! :-)

ashura said...

Sounds really good. I am pretty crazy about nail polish. Maybe its time to drop by the RMK counter!

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