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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fall 2010: Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes in GR791

This fall´s collection from Majolica Majorca is small but contains a few pretty products. I only picked up the Jeweling Eyes in GR791 as this was the main item catching my eye but certainly thought about a few more items, maybe I might pick up one or another later...donno yet =)

The Jeweling Eyes is a decent range of eyeshadow palettes but by far not as good as the Majolook Trick On Eyes which still remains the best eyeshadow palette range from MJ!
The palette in GR791 is a medium pigmented quad with a quite fine and silky texture. However I find these shadows are a little hard to blend but they show up well and evenly with a few layers and some blending. 
The colors last well and crease only very little after several hours of wear. 
The quad in GR791 contains a deep brownish olive, a bright aqua teal, gold and white with some more sparkles than the other 3 colors.
My EOTD didn´t turn out that nice to be honest but next time I´ll wear it in my usual way (darker shade on the outer sides and the crease and the bright teal on the inner 2/3 of my lids).

Overall a good pick if you don´t have a bright teal and like thie color combo as it´s a bit unusual. If you prefer highly blendable well-pigmented colors I suggest the new Dual Blend Eyes ones from Kate I reviewed short time ago which are the best eyeshadows I found as of recent.



JJ said...

Hi Kathy, how do you think this compares with the Visee Mercury Duo quad A-6? Colours look similar...

Jess said...

This palette looks so beautiful! I LOVE it on your eyes - the blue looks so fresh, yet elegant enough, and it makes your eyes pop!

Unknown said...

wow, this palette is gorgeous! Colors look nice and silky :) Goes well with brown eyes.

Julia said...

I love this palette! Picked it up pretty much the second it was released, as the model looked so stunning. If you apply the colours the way the models wears them, it looks best in my opinion.
Btw, the upper left shade is a very light pink for me. Strange.

♥ Starryxuan said...

i like the blue in the palette. look pretty :)

Unknown said...

The palette is really beautiful. I had no idea that the color pay off is so good. Am gonna check them out really soon.


Anonymous said...

i brought this eyeshadow too! Is very lovely but i havent try yet,thankks for ur review!

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