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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall 2010: Kanebo Kate (various)

I haven´t written a monster review in long time but they are kinda fun so today I am going to review the whole bunch of Kate stuff from the fall collection =) I got everything from and as always service and pricings were perfect!
I am really in love with the new collection as the items are really pretty and great quality but affordable in the same time.
The fall collection is really huge this year as there are various new eyeshadows (a whole new series and new additions to other ranges), new glosses, lipsticks, eyebrow products, new gel liners and a makeup BB base.

I hauled a good amount of the new stuff so the individual reviews will be listed now:

-Dual Blend Eyes:
This is a new series of eyeshadow duos so the Dual Carat Eyes are discontinued (not sure if they were d/c even longer ago?). Anyway, the Dual Blend Eyes come in the typical simple Kate kinda compacts made of clear and black plastic.
These eyeshadow duos have kick-ass pigment and a wonderful blendable texture which feels almost creamy to the touch. Creating smoky eyes is super easy and the rich colors and pretty shimmer just give perfectly defined eyes.
I picked 3 of the palettes but would consider picking up more if there are colors that look attractive.
Since the shadows are so highly blendable they might smudge a little, especially when worn on the lower lids but they don´t crease on me when using a base. Overall love love love!
Retails for 1365 Yen.
BK-1: It´s interesting that this color is listed as a black shade. It´s a duo of neutral light golden beige and deep cool brown
BK-2: A deep charcoal gray with and frosty white
PU-1: Very pale pink and deep plum, a gorgeous fall color!
-Liquid Rouge N:
This is the 2nd revamp of the popular Liquid Rouge I have seen so far. For some reason I always order the color BR-2 which pretty much stays the same in each revamp but it´s just one of the most gorgeous colors ever so I gladly buy the updated version whenever one comes out.
The Liquid Rouge N is a lipgloss or liquid lipstick, whatever you wanna call it. The level of pigment and texture highly depends on the color but in general the formula is rather long-wearing, a bit thick and sticky and gives a beautiful glossy shine. 
Anyway, it´s unscented and unflavored an comes with a flat fuzzy spatula applicator.
BR-2 is the most gorgeous shimmery rosy beige ever. Since it´s intensely shimmery it gives a really strong volumizing effect in my opinion. This has amazing lasting-power and wears more like a lip-lacquer than a gloss. I wore it for over 4 hours without any reapplication and it hadn´t gummed up or faded at all.
PK-9 therefore looked so cute with its 3 layers but turned out to be a really blah and boring almost clear pink color. 
Retail 1470 Yen for 6grams which if I remember is more content than the previous versions had. 

-Rouge Luster:
This is a new series of creamy, sheer and glossy lipsticks. They come in pretty ribbed silver tubes and contain 2.5grams for 1470 Yen. For only 2.5grams that´s quite a lot honestly but still this lippy is worth it in my opinion.
The texture is very soft and smooth and with a beautiful sheer shimmery finish. 
Kanebo just makes fantastic lipsticks, no matter under which brand-name!
PK-3 is a very natural mauve pink with fine shimmer and a glossy finish.
-Gel Eyebrow & Gel Eyebrow Coat:
The Gel Eyebrow is a very interesting product as it´s a gel color in a pot but for defining the eyebrows and not an eyeliner. It´s a very solid matte gel color which doesn´t smudge or fade at all. This stuff stays on even when I swim and will only budge when I remove it with my cleansing oil.
BR-3 is the darkest brown and very neutral in tone so it´s perfect for me. 

I also picked up the Gel Eyebrow Coat which comes in a glass jar, too. It´s a very soft gel, similar to normal hair gel. It´s clear and is just used to set the eyebrows. Honestly this isn´t special and I find the jar a bit inconvenient. A normal mascara-type applicator would be way more convenient in my opinion. Other than that it´s a good product and works very well.
 Around 1100 Yen retail price per product.

-Makeup Base BB UV SPF 31 PA++:
So here is Kate´s version of a BB Cream =D Well it´s a makeup base with a cool name.
This product comes in a white squeeze tube containing 25g for 1200 Yen.
Honestly for me this stuff has not much in common with a BB Cream. It´s not skin-colored but just has an off-white color which will not show up at all anyway. It just slightly evens out my skin and prepping it nicely for makeup but I can´t call this a BB Cream.
I think it contains silicones as it feels so but I can´t read the ingredients so I can´t confirm this. The finish of this is slightly dewy but not shimmery.
This is unscented and doesn´t irritate my skin.

Overall this collection from Kate features a lot of nice poducts and I am pretty sure I will pick up more of some of the items, I am especially interested in trying 1 or 2 of the new gel liners!


Unknown said...

the shadow colours and lip glosses, lip sticks look stunning :D thanks for the reviews!!

Phleebo said...

wow lots of exciting reviews recently! Might splurge on a few fall items!

reene said...

Ooh the lipstick color looks so pretty. I really like the BK-1 shadow duo too. The BB cream is interesting, but I agree, it is not a true BB cream. I would probably skip that one. Thanks for the reviews!

Unknown said...

oh gosh...ok I have to buy the lipglosses (I just LOVE pink glosses). The eye shadow is pretty pigmented too...hmmm so tempted ^^c

Isla said...

Would you please take a pic of the applicator (flat, fuzzy spatula?) for the Liquid Rouge N? Your description makes me curious!

rene said...

wow. The rouge looks expensive. I would have thought it was from Coffret D'or or some higher end line! I think I am gonna run and get some! I didn't thought of trying their lipstick before. Thanks for sharing!

Verlyn said...

wow ! new Kate collection :D wonder when will it be launched in S'pore hmm.. thanks for the monstrous review ! i really enjoyed reading every bit and you've got me lemming for more ! :p

Vivienne said...

Hi Lotus, I really love ur eyeliner & eyeshadow, can u do a tutorial on what products u use, & how to line over the tear ducts as well, I would love to be able to line like that

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Those shadows and lip gloss looked amazing on you !!! :)

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