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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall 2010: Lunasol Gel Eyeliner in 06 Dark Gray

It´s been some time since I purchased anything from Lunasol...somehow the new quints didn´t tempt me majorly as the colors don´t look really like any of them would suit me but who knows how they´d look in reality... I am sure the fall lipsticks are nice but I didn´t get any.
The one thing that looked interesting was the new Gel Eyeliner in 06 Dark Gray as I don´t have a lot of gray liners in my collection.
As this is from Lunasol of course it comes in the usual golden bronze box which is quite bulky so I feel I got more for my money lol. The Gel Eyeliner comes with a good soft brush with a rounded head which is perfect to apply the gel in either a thick or fine line. 
As most gel liners this comes in a bulky heavy glass jar, this time with a square base and a round cover in the Lunasol signature color.

The Gel Eyeliner is a soft smooth cream which is a dream to spread and with great pigment and a very refined slight shimmer -  not really noticable but it keeps the liner from looking flat.  
The color 06 Dark Gray is a beautiful very deep gray without any blue tones found among many grays and it´s a wonderful way to define my eyes as it looks softer than black but can go with colors you can´t really use brown liner.
As with the majority of gel liners this holds up without smudging or fading and it is waterproof so you will need an eyemakeup remover for waterproof makeup to get rid of this =)
Overall a great gel eyeliner with good daily-staple-potential.

I purchased mine from Adambeauty who just started to stock the Lunasol fall collection. I paid US$35 incl. shipping, retail price is 3150 Yen (=US$38) so as usual AB´s price is absolutely great. I am not affiliated with this site btw and not getting paid by them or getting free products but have been a loyal customer for the past 5+ years I guess and have always loved their wonderful service, speedy shipping and great prices.
Their site is admittedly a bit chaotic (though it got better the past year or so) and sometimes it takes a bit to get the new collections in but I got used to all that hehe =D

Other available colors from this collection are: 01 Deep Black, 02 Dark Blue, 03 Dark Brown, 04 Olive Green, 05 Brown Red (not available on AB).

Rating: 5/5

On another note:
There is a chance I might be going to Hong Kong within this month (otherwise some time in spring) !!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!! I am turning 30 in December so a trip/stay to/in HK are my gift from my mother. Since I have 3 kids I can only go when my mum can take the cuties for a week so this time is actually now =D
Any HK-readers or ladies who went/stayed there, please give me any hints as where to stay (nice hotel, not too expensive), to shop (interested mainly in beauty stuff away from Sasa, Bonjour etc., stationery, zakka stuff, toys for the kiddies), what to see etc. I am really happy about any tips I get as I am definitely going there, just not set if it will be this October or next year in May).


Georgina said...

wow, it includes the brush?! thats great, since i like lunasol brushes very much. :) the color you picked is beautiful! i dont have any grey liners yet. >:))

im going to HK late november... any chance you'll be there too? hmm, you can check out for nice hotels with good rates, i favor Butterfly on Prat because its not very expensive, rooms are clean, there's free internet access in the lobby, its near granville road, nathan road and canton road! lots of Sasa, Bonjour and Colourmix around. Lots of good food around too! Plus you can shop at Harbour City's Toys r us for the kiddos or Facesss for your beautyholic self. ;)

hope this helps a bit! enjoy your trip and happy advanced birthday! :)

Ashley said...

I'd kill to go to Hong Kong again! You are very lucky!
I guess it really depends what kind of beauty products you want. I actually made a list of stores I want to go to and found the exact addresses. Except if I go to the stores, I have to pay the retail price which is a con.
My brother stayed at Langham hotel which I think is also attached to the mall? He said it was very nice and roomy for his wife and 2 year old daughter. It's a bit pricey there but it's a safer side of town, downside is that there isn't a nearby metro station. Also, there's the Nathan Hotel which is cheaper but less spacious than an American hotel but it is decent.

galpal.hi said...

Nice eyeliner! The color sounds like it's a good color to have. Do you know if it is like the Bobbi Brown gel liner in that it's waterproof?

Thanks for the review!


Frances said...

How is the staying power compared to Bobbi Brown/MAC??? $30+ is a little much for gel liner... even for the higher end lol!

hmmm I'm not from HK so I can't make any suggestion >< but I wish you in advance a great trip in Nov/May :D

galpal.hi said...

Sorry Kathi, I just read through your post much more carefully and found that you did write that it is waterproof.


Anonymous said...

I have been eyeing the Lunasol gel liner, it looks sooo pretty!

So lucky to go to HK! I come from there but haven't been back in a while. I heard that lately the cosmetics are a bit hard to find and they don't stock the full collection all the time. Visee is rather exi in HK but I think if you go to the department stores and around Causeway Bay you would have more luck with cosmetics.

In terms of clothes shopping I loved kwai fong, jordan road, tsim sa tsui and Mongkok. There are just so many places to go to and each place is just awesome! Sorry I can't give you more specific ideas but I guess those are places to start.. Muji, Jusco, and Sogo is awesome as well for those everyday stuff!

I don't have a clue about accomodation because I always stay with my rellies >< Miss HK so much!

ashura said...

Hi I m from Hong Kong, migrated to Singapore. I go Harbour City to shop all the time for cosmetics and branded goods bec they just simply have all brands there. Another good place will be Sogo or Times Square. Last year when I went back with my hubby we didn't want to stay at my parents place so we booked 2 nights at Panda Hotel. It was less then SGD100 per night then. The place was reasonably clean and comfortable. Direct shuttle bus to and fro airport and to Harbour City, at a fee though. Hope this helps =)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Hong Kong. My recommendations are as follows:
If you get any hotel Kowloon side or Hong Kong side you;ll be fine. Upmarket is harbour front (Tsim Sha Tsui - Kowloon, or on the Hong Kong side that would be Central, Admiralty (both central business districts) and Causewaybay (HK side) and Mong Kok (Kowloon side) are the big shopping areas. Whilst I know people who've also stayed in Panda Hotel, it is relatively far off. The subway system in HK is amazing so getting around is not a problem. Makeup wise any of the big malls have most if not all the brands Faces in Harbour centre is one of the big ones, you can also checkout langham place Mong kok. if you want harbour views at lower prices with a more local feel try "sheung wan" / "sai wan" aka western district. It's connected to central by subway and trams. you'll also love the drugstores here ": watsons in particular with MJ etc. The best watsons for make is the one in causewaybay it even has k-palette, granesbon (rare in HK). U can also check out some smaller japanese brands e.g. sana in citysuper /log-on(upper scale grocery and japanese life-style store). btw, HK has one of the lowest crime rates for an world city, so the main difference between more expensive and cheaper hotel areas is that the cheaper area's have a more local / chinese feel (and are more interesting / less sterile) so feel free to explore!

lazeny said...

I was using both Coffret D'or and Kate liquid liners, I think I'm going to try this one by Lunasol.

HK is a wonderful place, when we last went there we stayed at Metropark Wanchai, but if you want to stay near a shopping district there's a Metropark Hotel at Causeway, and it's literally just 2 minutes from the MTR and a couple of minutes walk to Times Square and Sogo it's a shoppers paradise! If you're looking for luxury brands then you can go to Pacific place at Admiralty, IFC mall at Central, Harbour City at Tsim Sha Tsui There's also a nice store at Shun Tak Center w/ is over the Sheung Wan MTR station that sells mostly Japanese cosmetics.

Jess said...

The color of the gel liner looks really nice.

Ohh... have a gorgeous stay in Hong Kong! You will enjoy it for sure! ;)

~Lisa said...

I'm seeing alot of gel liner reviews!! Yay!! XD

And HK! I want to go there so badly one day!! It sounds so fun and I want to shop there! ^^

What day is your birthday? Mine is in December too! December 17th =)

birkinbagbeauty said...

Wow, congratulations to your trip to Hong Kong! I have never been there, but I am sure I would get absolutely enchanted by it's culture (and hey...the fab shopping). It is good to look forward to something you enjoy, and I hope you will get some awesome tips of your readers...

MissA* said...

I was in HK early this year. You're going to shop till you drop!! It's a shopping paradise. Sasa is almost in every corner you turn. Harbour City is a great place to shop. I think that's my favourite place in HK... I found all the brands I like there. My wallet wasn't so happy but I couldn't care less about that!

We were staying in North Point because it's near to my husband's client's office. If I still remember well, the hotel where we stayed is called City Garden Hotel. I found it pretty decent and the price wasn't bad. It's near to the metro station so it's easy to commute. I explored HK by myself for 4 days since my husband had to work. People there are very helpful and friendly. :) You'll have lots of fun.

Rowena said...

Oh gosh I really want this in Olive Green. What do you think, Kathi? Is it any better texture wise than say Bobbi Brown?

CedriCeCCentriC said...

I visited HK 3 weeks ago and stayed at this hotel,default-en.html
It was quite affordable for such a luxurious hotel. Beautiful views and a great pool. The subway station was down the street, which itself was only 1 stop from Caseway Bay.
Next time I think we will stay on the otherside of the bay, Mong Kok is more fun.
Look for the i.t. multi-brand fashion stores that are allover HK. They sell a lot of cool HK and japanese clothes brands that are unknown in Europe. Their big sister I.T. (in capital letters) sell high end designer brands like Comme des Garçons.
You absolutly have to visit the Chi Lin Nunnery and its gardens. Breathtakingly beautiful!
Best restaurant: I you like Dim sum you will love in the silvercord mall (lots of i.t. stores also) on Canton Road opposite Harbour City Mall.
Don't forget Macau, it's just an hour away with the ferry (they run day and night). Once you arrive you can take the free shuttle buses to the casinos. The Grand Lisboa and the Wynn are in walking distance from the old Portugese town center. We saw this amazing show at one of the casinos in Cotai

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