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Monday, April 20, 2009

Gone but not forgotten Part 1: Kanebo T'estimo

I decided to do a mini series on brands discontinued since I started using/collecting Japanese brands.

One of my very first ventures into Japanese makeup was Kanebo's brand T'estimo.
4 years ago when I lost interest in Western makeup completely my dear friend and blogging buddy Iris from Rouge Deluxe recommended the Fresh Clear Eyes palettes from T'estimo to me when I asked her which brands are good out there in Japan.
Until that point I only had collected a few items from Majolica Majorca, KP, PN, Inoui ID and Kate and was still quite new to that matter.

Iris sent me a link showing me the Fresh Clear Eyes palettes so I instantly fell in love with the blue and purple ones.

The Fresh Clear Eyes were convenient palettes and the first I saw with an included cream liner in the compact.

From that point on I purchased items from every single collection T'estimo put out and the release of T'estimo's new items was always a date I anticipated eagerly.

I always thought that T'estimo's eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks (Serumdrape Rouge, Grande Shine Rouge, Clear Memory Rouge) were particularly good especially the last 3 series of palettes T'estimo released (Layered Impact Eyes, Frame Impact Eyes and Grande Shine Eyes).

To my shock Kanebo decided to replace T'estimo with their new brand Coffret D'or. While I admittedly like many of Coffret D'or's new products T'estimo still holds a special part in my heart as it was one of my first Japanese loves =)


Paris B said...

T'estimo is still a love for me and was one of the first makeup I owned. I somehow feel that Coffret D'or is just trying to live up to what T'estimo was especially in terms of the eyeshadow palettes. In terms of lip products I reckon they might be the same stuff just renamed ;)

Thanks for taking me down memory lane Kathi :)

Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

I also miss T'estimo dearly! Do you still keep all of your T'estimo stuff? Brand renewals and discontinuations seem to be quite common in the Japanese marketplace. Wonder if they will ever replace Majolica Majorca or Lavshuca? Horrors!

Kathi said...

Hi Paris!
Yea, T'estimo makes me sentimental, too! Just reminds me of my first Japanese makeup times!

Hi Haru,
I still have most but got rid of some of the first things I got because they felt crumbly and yucky to me! Otherwise my T'estimo stash is still quite large!
Replace MM????????? That would be HORROOOOR! But I am sure one day it will happen... I hope I am in the age of CHICCA's target group by then so I won't care lol!

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