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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Adambeauty deals

I received an order from Adambeauty earlier this week. I was so glad to see that he started stocking Kanebo's FreePlus range for sensitive skin so along with a few goodies from that line I ordered some random things including some of his "Specials" (sale items).

The sale items I purchased are:

Kesalan Patharan Lipstick in 304P (left) and 114P (right) - US$12/ea

T'estimo Rouge Color Liner (lipliner refill & holder) in PK-05 - US$11

Sofina Raycious Aura Change Foundation in Celeb Platinum - US$14

These are surely older items/discontinued but all are fresh and not expired.

The Lipstick in 114P is really pretty and works so well together with the T'estimo lipliner (both used on the LOTD pic below)!
It's not really super moisturizing and gives a satiny finish with sheer pigment. I quite like it! And for US$12 it was a good deal as KP lippies retail for over US$30.

Adambeauty also got the new Maquillage lipsticks for only US$28/ea. You can also get Korean stuff now (Skin79, Hanskin, Lioele and Dr. Jart).

Here's a pic of the complete haul incl. 3 items I got from Ebay (the 2x Lunasol and 1x RMK). 2 of the MQ lippies were for my mum.


miss_waterlily said...

cant wait to hear ur thoughts on freeplus! I been wanting to try that line for quite a while now

Catherine said...

Lovely haul! I have to admit, I'm always so jealous of your lips, Kathy! They always look fabulous no matter what you're wearing!

Anonymous said...

Freeplus sounds like something for me~~ :D I'm interested! I heard about this before from Autumn Masquerade and A Touch of Blusher, I think. I just hope gentle as it claims to be. I'll look more into this since the Clarins Sensitive line costs like a bomb. :P Thanks!

AskMeWhats said...

YOu've got wonderful hauls!!! :) I think I need to take a look at Adam Beauty again :)

acutelife said...

Nice hauls.btw have you ever heard KP's line called parado??they have lipstick n eyebrow stuff.wonder if you have tried them

Kathi said...

I'll review the freeplus when I had time to test it. So far it's very mild and gives perfect moisture so I'd say I really like the stuff. Doesn't sting or burn like some other stuff I tried!

Hi Catherine,
thanks =D I think my lips are about the only part about me I really like haha!

Hi Innerchild,
Freeplus isn't really cheap though! The maintenance care emulsion cost me US$38.50 from adambeauty which is about exactly the retail price in Japan (3500 Yen)! I don't like Clarins though (I tried their stuff years ago and it was too harsh and all - even the sensitive skin stuff!)

Hi Askmewhats,
Thanks! AB has great deals but he's so slow in bringing in the new stuff! *sigh*

Hi Acutelife,
yes, I have tried some Parado stuff! It was quite nice (lipgloss and a few other things I believe). They also do disney collections etc from time to time I think!


Unknown said...

hey Kathi,
i L-O-V-E your blog and all your LOTD and EOTD.. i really wanna see your whole face in your fab make-ups..
I wonder how you store all your make-up and tools.. LoL!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, Kathi! Oh, wow, I thought it would be drugstore-priced... but I still want to have a look. Adambeauty doesn't have the emulsion that I want (Barrier 2 for Dry skins). I heard the Maintanence Barrier is for more mature skins. I'll look around and see if I can find it elsewhere. About Clarins, I've only tried a few of their skincare stuff (moisturizers, sunscreen, and Skin Beauty Repair Concentrate) and I'm fairly pleased with what I've tried so far, no reactions yet. What wonder what you've tried that's very harsh so I can stay away from it? Oh wow, their sensitive line isn't gentle enough for you? :( What a bummer! I'm sorry to hear about that, and those moisturizers have a hefty price tag too. Good thing you told me.

ilovepink said...

i love ur hauls!

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