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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love Clover Lip Dolcecafe 5261 & 5262

My last foray into Love Clover was a disaster (PopChu Gloss...yuck!)! Admittedly Love Clover has really nice blushes but away from them I haven't much ventured into this brand. I just remember that I didn't like the eyeshadows when I tried them on my trip to Tokyo a few years back.

Love Clover items come in really cute packaging so I was instantly drawn to their cute new lipglosses (or liquid lipsticks or whatever you wanna call them).. they look like Maquillage's Neo Climax Lip and Visee's Nudy Rouge as the tip is a lipstick-shaped plastic with small holes to dispense the rouge color.

The tubes are made of brown glittery plastic with the "Lip Dolcecafe" logo printed on. The caps are pale pink.

I was afraid that these lippies would be coffee-flavored. Thankfully they're not, they're unscented and don't taste like anything.

The texture is rather creamy and not sticky or gooey at all. The coverage is sheer but still the color payoff is good.
The only little complaint I'd have is that the colors sometimes go on a bit unevenly. So a lip base is a must in my opinion.

The Lip Dolcecafe glosses (or I should rather call them lip creams) are very comfortable to wear and have decent lasting-power (about 2 hours or so on me).

I really like the 2 I have because the texture is great and I love the colors (I seem to always stick with the same colors...I am really a sucker for pink beiges, roses, soft pinks and nudes).

5261 Raspberry Sorbet: On the swatch online it looks like a deep berry rose. However it turns out to be a pretty soft pink.

5252 Peach Bonbon: Light pinky peach nude shade. Looks very pretty and natural but not too light (aka corpse-like).

Retail in Japan is 1680 Yen (about US$17). I got mine from Ichibankao.
There are 3 more colors (an orangey peach, beige brown and reddish brown).


fuzkittie said...

The colors are gorgeous~~

Catherine said...

Oh, those are really cute! I thought they were glosses at first, haha. And lol, even if you stick with similar colors, you have amazing taste, Kathi. All the colors you pick are beautiful.

Whitepiano555 said...

lovely~~ swatch plssss

. said...

Oh my god. I would never have guessed they were lipsticks! I love the colours though~ Swatch please? =P

Anonymous said...

i think i need to try the concealer.

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