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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Xmas 2008: Paul & Joe Face Color & Lipstick Kit

Yup, right another Xmas review =P Now that Spring hit us here (25 deg Celsius! YAY!) it seems strange to review Christmas stuff but I got this lovely set a few weeks ago and think it's very worth reviewing. And you probably can find some of these kits in various online shops or on eBay...

I really loved the super cute kitty print of the Paul & Joe Xmas collection but wasn't sure if I needed to pick up one of the 2 kits available especially since both looked super bright and neon-like (especially the lipstick)... but I got really attracted to the kit in 001 after reading positive reviews (confirming the 2 items are sheer and very wearable) and soft pinks always work for me (002 comes in orange/peach).

The Face Color & Lipstick Kit contains:

-Adorable kitty print pouch
-Lipstick G 001
-Face Color M 001

The pouch is made of a shiny satin material with the cutest kitty print and a magnetic button to close.
It's not very big but roomy enough to take your essentials along.
The inner lining is hot pink
. Very pretty!

The lipstick looks like a super bright hot pink but it applies as a super sheer soft pink. It feels creamy and moisturizing and leaves a slightly glossy shine. It's more like a tinted lipbalm. I really like this! It's a no-fuzz color!

The blusher is a pretty mix of pinks and white in a swirly design. It looks way brighter on the promo pics though!
It gives a soft shimmery pink sheen to my cheeks and works perfectly with the lipstick.

All in all a pretty set with colors suitable all year round.

I got mine from Bobodave. It was quite pricey at somewhere around US$65 but I think it was worth it. I think this costs quite a bit less in the US though!


Catherine said...

The lipstick looks so good on you!

Inge said...

Hmm, they have this at, but I'm not sure I want to pay £34 for it. If it ever goes on sale though....

Anonymous said...

lipslooks different in tube and on you. once on you it's very pink. but i want the more warmer colour in the tube. the blush is very cute though!

smilecusiluvu said...

those colors look super cute!

-Yu- said...

The lipstick looks wonderful on you. It becomes lighter pink when applied. A wonderful colour and such a cute pouch.

AskMeWhats said... got this! I saw this collection at P&J counter but they told me its just on display because it isn't available. Wow you got yours so pretty!

Tara Cabullo said...

The lipstick is sooo beautiful!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i almost buy this when I was at Paul & Joe's counter the other day... super cute kitty pouch...

Jamilla Camel said...

Thanks for the pics! I just bought Face Color & Lipstick Kit 002, the orange one! I love orange and could not reist the kitties!!
I got my for £35 including tax from

miss_waterlily said...

Good review yet again Kathi;-)Have u seen the Banilla.Co summer collection?It looks really good,blues and greens,just my cup of tea!I am currently waiting for my order from that stupid seller,i will see how it turns out.It is a shame that the other seller(who also does amazing deals on japanese cosmetics)seem to only stock the permanent line from Banila.Co

I bought the same one as you Jamilla,absolutely adore the color on me,both the lipstick and blush are gorgeous!You will love it as we have pretty similar colorings(fair,asian),hehe.

fuzkittie said...

Pretty~~ Love this set. How does the lip color show up sooo nicely on you!! I can't believe it, hahaha.

Lina said...

that is such a cute set...that lipstick makes me want to get it!! super cute....

Kathi said...

Thanks ladies =D

oakley canada said...

thank you for sharing.

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