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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jill Stuart Fruit Hand Cream & Fruit Lip Balm Tint Color

Jill Stuart released a few pretty Limited Edition items for lips and hands in collaboration with Hiroshi Kato (the illustrator who designed the cute girl on the tube and the boxes).

According to Iris from Rouge Deluxe this collection came out in October in Japan but I see the stuff popping up in all the Hong Kong beauty websites now (Gooddealer has the best prices btw) so I believe it might have been released there just now.

I got:
-Fruit Hand Cream
-Fruit Lip Balm Tint color in 101 Strawberry Tint & 102 Peach Tint

-Fruit Hand Cream:

I got the 75ml tube from Gooddealer for about US$30 (incl. shipping/handling)...not exactly cheap for a hand cream I think!! But I fell for the cute tube with the faceted disco-ball cap.

The cream contains strawberry fruit juice, raspberry fruit extract, royal jelly extract & shea butter.

The cream is nothing really outstanding. It's a nice moisturizer but my cheap Etude House and Skin79 creams are just as good and cost much much less.

The thing I really like least is the scent. It has that typical super annoying Jill Stuart fragrance that I am really getting tired of!

Retail price is 2400 Yen (about US$25 at current exchange).

-Fruit Lip Balm Tint Color:

Admittedly I am not a super huge fan of the regular lip balm. The taste/scent (typical Jill Stuart perfume) annoys me and it's not an extraordinary lip balm in any way.

Anyways, I fell for the cute pots with colors crystals (instead of clear ones) on top of the cover and for the delicious names (strawberry, peach, grape, orange).
I hoped the lip balms would be scented like the fruit they're named after and that they would carry good pigment or at least would show up decently.

All in all the lip balms are mediocre, too. They are surely moisturizing and leave a pretty glossy finish but they don't last too long and I prefer my balms to be a bit more emollient and soft. You have to rub quite a bit to get the JS balms to melt on your finger.

The Fruit Lip Balms have a mix of the regular Jill Stuart fragrance and a super light overlay of fruit which is not very strong.

The tint is super duper sheer, I'd call it nonexistent. Maybe the slightest hint but not noteworthy.

I paid US$22/balm from Gooddealer (shipping already factored in).

The lip balms contain all those yummy things:
strawberry juice, raspberry fruit extract, macadamia nut oil, shea butter, grape seed oil, peach kernel oil and orange oil.

All in all the things look so cute but I am not convinced that they're worth it.


Catherine said...

Aww, that's horribly disappointing... especially since those lip balm jars are so freaking adorable...

Anonymous said...

That's such a shame, I would think Jill Stuart would release high-quality items that comes along with the high-quality super cute princess packaging. :( I've yet to get my hands on some JS, but their skincare seems to be a miss, or so I've read. And oh I've been a long-time reader of your blog. Hiiiiiii! I first found your blog from MUA. I'm innerchild on MUA, and I also just made a blog myself the other day---just so I can make comments hehe Have a great day! :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

he he, I felt the same about the lipbalms...they are so cute-looking but they absolutely do not stand out (for the price).

snownatsumi said...

What a pity... i was so in love with JS stuff (packaging wise) but i guess they are really no not worth the high price... i suppose the brillance eyes eyeshadows are better in terms of performance?

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