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Monday, April 20, 2009

Summer 2009: Aube Couture Cream & Liner Shadow + Designing Gloss

Aube Couture (revamped Aube line) puts out 2-in-1 eye makeup EVERY summer. You typically get a liner and an eyeshadow in all sort of forms (pencil/cream/liquid/gel/loose powder/pressed shadow etc.).
I believe they want to offer no-fuzz summer eye makeup that's easy to apply and offers a simple but polished eye look.

I was mighty disappointed with last year's Gel & Shine Eyes. I actually had sworn off falling for Aube's summer collections but now we have Aube Couture so they should be better/different/advanced, right? (Tried to convince myself hehe).

I always liked Aube's lip products, so the new Designing Glosses looked very appealing and very well worth a try.

-Cream & Shadow Liner (2835 Yen):

When I spotted first pics of the new Cream & Liner Shadow duos I somehow had the idea stuck in my head that the liner was a gel liner and the shadow a cream. I was somehow astonished when I received my 2 colors and found the liner was a normal powder shadow pan rather than a gel liner.

The pot these come in is really pretty with a shadow brush dangling from the cover.
In the bottom there is a the cream shadow and a smaller pan of powder liner is on top of it.

The liner powder is very pigmented and silky with a lustrous finish. It stays on very well and applies/blends perfectly.

The cream shadow is the biggest surprise for me. I was sure it'd crease as soon as I saw it in the pan. It looks greasy but after it sets (takes about 2 minutes) it stays in place and doesn't crease a bit on me.

The only little thing I would improve is the amount of fine glitter. The glitter is finely milled but still chunky enough to show up which gets a little on my nerves. I would have preferred a more metallic or pearly look.

The colors I got are:

Pink cream shadow and burgundy liner shadow. This looked more like mauve/purple in the swatches. The burgundy isn't a color that works particularly well with my eye and skin color.


Pale golden cream shadow and deep khaki shadow. The shadow has a metallic finish and looks great worn as a lid-color or liner.

All in all I am so happy to report that the Cream & Liner Shadow duos are well worth purchasing and will be a great little tool for sizzling summer eyes.

-Designing Gloss (2310 Yen):

The Designing Glosses come in quite pretty clear/silver polygonal tubes with a little pink crystal on top of the cap.
The applicator is one of the best I found to date. It's a flat fuzzy spatula with a slight curve to follow the shape of your lips perfectly. I love it! It packs on the right amount of gloss!

The gloss is rather sticky and long-lasting with sheer but noticeable pigment. The finish is very glossy and shimmery so the lips look very full and plump.

There is no scent detectable at all.

#903: Beautiful light pink with shimmer. Pretty much a standard lipgloss color.

#905: Gorgeous milky peach beige. I like this color really a lot especially with a darker eye look.

Admittedly Aube Couture has done quite well with their collection for the earlier Summer. I am sure they'll come up with more stuff for later Summer as they always do.


Catherine said...

Very pretty! #04 looks so nice - I am keeping that on my shortlist.

MiuMiu said...

everything looks so pretty! i want the shadows now XD

Anonymous said...

Great review, I really want to try those Aube shadows. They look so pretty!

kuri said...

Ooh, the shadow sounds very tempting. If I like any of the colors I will definitely pick up one.

Thanks for the reviews!

Anonymous said...

I like the golden/khaki duo, I think it can look great on just about any skintone. So pretty!

Connie De Alwis said...

the eye colors look so gorgeous!

Cupcake said...

woow very pretty!
where can I get these?

Lola Re said...

cuuuuuuute!!! <3 Lola Re

Wombat said...

Thanks for the review on both colors of shadows, I'm picking up #04 (did u know the color translates to 'white gold' from the Japanese's rather misleading!)

I'm liking #01 peach and #02 green too, will have to hunt around to see if they come up cheaper anywhere else later =P

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