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Monday, April 13, 2009

Kose Junkisei Prime

Some time back in December/January I decided it was time to try out yet another range of skincare =X I found those super pretty dark red bottles from Kose's new Junkisei Prime range pop up on eBay so I decided to get the whole lot. I know now that there are various lotions and more stuff in the line but I got a complete set of skincare for me.

What attracted me was:
-surely the pretty bottles/jars (love the deep pink red color!)
-good price (between US$14-22)
-target age group of late 20ies - mid 30ies (yup, 28 fits)
-"exotic" look with all those cute Japanese letters on the products
-ingredients contain Chinese herbs (sounded yummy!)

So I purchased the following items from eBay (AlphabeautyUK):
-Junkisei Prime Cream Wash, 130g
Junkisei Prime Oil Cleanser, 180ml
Junkisei Prime Lotion, 200ml
Junkisei Prime Milky Lotion, 150ml
Junkisei Prime Cream, 40g
Junkisei Prime
Eye Cream, 20g

I've been testing the range for about 3 months now so I feel qualified to review it =D Most of the items are now at least 1/2 gone =D
All items carry a really refreshing herbal scent that's really delicious!

-Cream Wash:

The Cream Wash comes in a pretty squeeze tube which contains 130g. That's quite a good size in my opinion.
It is a gentle foaming cleanser (needs a bit water to lather up) and I really like to use it alone in the morning. I also use it to follow the Oil Cleanser. However in combination with the Oil Cleanser my skin doesn't feel 100% clean (I'll explain later why).

-Oil Cleanser:

The Oil Cleanser comes in a super pretty clear honey-colored bottle with a red pump dispenser. The oil itsels is clear and thick-ish.
This is probably the worst cleansing oil I have come across. It feels sort of waxy and is really hard to wash off. I always feel it leaves a residue that is only removed with a harsher cleansing foam. The Cream Wash doesn't have the strength to remove this!
All in all this gets a fat nay.


The Lotion is a liquid unlike the thicker slightly gel-like texture other Japanese brands' toners sport. I actually like the Lotion because it is very refreshing and helps in removing residues from the Oil Cleanser though not completely. If I use this after the Cream Wash alone or when I use a better cleansing oil the lotion is perfect though.
Even though this is definitely a little adstringent it is not too harsh for my sensitive/normal-dry skin.

-Milky Lotion:

The Milky Lotion comes in a pretty red plastic bottle. It's a very runny lightweight moisturizer to be used between the Lotion and the Cream or without the cream if your skin isn't too dry.
It gives a fresh kick of moisture and will probably be enough for summer. I believe this and the Lotion are also available in extra moisturizing formulas but I haven't found them on eBay so far. I think I am fine with the regular Lotion and Milky Lotion though as my skin isn't that dry.


This is a lighweight cream with good moisturizing power. It makes my skin soft and smooth. It comes in a pretty red jar.

The Cream was the first product I got and I wasn't sure if it irritated my skin. The first 2 weeks I used this (in combination with other products and then with the other Junkisei Prime items) I found more red bumps on on my cheeks than normally (I nearly always have a few of them around).

I continued using the Cream though and my skin returned to normal. I think my skin just took some time getting used to this item.

-Eye Cream:

The Eye Cream comes in a small heavy jar with cute adornments on the cover (I think this is the only item packed in glass). The Eye Cream is a lightweight moisturizer for the delicate eye area and makes a great base for eye makeup. Concealers glide on smoothly when I am wearing this.

I don't have real wrinkles yet so I cannot say how good this is in fighting/preventing them.
Like the other items this is lightly scented but it doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

All in all I am pleased with the Junkisei Prime range. I am not that sure if I'd repurchase though as there are so many nice skincare lines out there to try out =P And after all the Junkisei Prime items don't really improve my skin, they just keep the status quo.


Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

I've tried Beaute De Kose Cleansing Oil some years ago and I found that it doesn't really remove all my makeup. By that time, I wasn't even use any waterproof makeups so I don't think Kose's cleansing oil is worth to splurge...but I do like their skincare range, I'm using Sekkisei and Shirosumi, love them a lot.

Lina said...

The eye cream looks reall nice; I'd love to try it in the future!!
Thanks for the wonderful review on these products! :-)

Unknown said...

I heard ravings about the eye cream and apparently it helps with fine lines. I started to get fine lines just turning 28, and thought it might be a gd one to try. Thanks for the review!!!

Catherine said...

You're so brave, Kathi! Trying an entirely new line. My skin is really sensitive so I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to try so many new things at once, lol. Thank you for the reviews though! When I start looking for an eye cream I'll have a shortlist ready. =)

fuzkittie said...

Wow whole new line!! Looks really nice~

Kathi said...

Hi Eve,
cool to hear the eye cream has good ratings! I use it daily right now so I hope to prevent those fine lines hehe

Hi Catherine,
I actually received the products one by one so I didn't start using them all at once. I first got the cream and eye cream and the other stuff a few weeks later =D


Patricia T. said...

Hi Kathi, what do you think of the Kose Junkisei Lotion as compared to Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic acid?

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