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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring 2009: Ettusais Sweet Marble Collection

Ettusais is pretty much a so-so brand for me. They have some really nice items but e.g. their eyeshadows are usually a big fail. Also they tend to have brighter colors (esp. lipsticks) that are harder to pull off for me.

For Spring 2009 they came up with 3 cute marbled glosses and 3 colors of a swirly blusher, all LE. The collection is called Sweet Marble.

I got 2 items from the collection from eBay. I ended up paying a little less than retail (incl. shipping) so I am pretty content with the price.

I got:
-Sweet Marble Cheek Color PK4 - RRP 1680 Yen
-Sweet Marble Gloss PK5
- RRP 1575 Yen

-Sweet Marble Cheek Color:

This is a cute little product. It's a rather small blush pan in a jar. Under the blush the applicator (a sponge) is hidden.
The blush consists of various shades of warm pink and is slightly shimmery.

The pigment is sheer-medium as you should be used to from Japanese brands.
The color is a fresh warm pink perfect to warm up my complexion a little.

It's nothing super special but looks cute and is a good dupe for the limited cheek color in the Paul & Joe Xmas kit in 001.

-Sweet Marble Gloss:

The glosses from Ettusais are generally rather nice, sticky and long-lasing with decent pigment. The Sweet Marble Gloss in PK5 consists of a coral pink gloss without shimmer and stripes of white shimmery gloss which mixes with the pink color when you pull out the wand.

The applicator is a spatula (my favorite type of applicator).
The overall color is a soft not overly bright coral pink with medium pigment. It's only slightly shimmery but very glossy and long-lasting due to the thick sticky texture.

The other colors are orange gloss and blusher and a beige gloss and blusher. I really like the look of the beige colors!

All in all a nice little collection and definitely worth purchasing.


birkinbagbeauty said...

What a nice collection! That blush looks really pretty and I love the look of the lipgloss.

fuzkittie said...

The cheek color is so so so cute!! <3 But yea it's so similar to the P&J one! decisions decisions... sigh... hahaha.

Jenn said...

Very pretty. I had gotten one lipcolor and one cheek color before. Wish I had a chance to pick up these colors too.

Laura L said...

i think the blush is really cute and pretty <3 good to have it, because i saw it writen limited edition in Mandarin xD

Abby said...

How i wish it is also available in our country.. you are a very lucky girl ;)

Whitepiano555 said...

lip gloss looks like Lunasol but the blush is really cute. I love the little shimmer in it. ^__^

Kathi said...

Hi Abby,
well, I can't get that stuff in my country hehe. I always rely on online shopping!


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