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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer 2009: Majolica Majorca Innocent Pleasure (Teaser)

Majolica Majorca released their Summer 2009 collection called "Innocent Pleasure" on March 21st and to my greatest delight they released a brand new line of eyeshadow quads named "Jeweling Eyes". I ordered all 8 colors, the new Majoerotica cream perfume and one of the new nail colors.

Above and below are teaser pics, more reviews etc. will follow soon =D


Anonymous said...

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG i cant believe u actually got all of them!! ><

I was just asking for Fuz's opinion on MM new products and here u got all 8 of them! lol!

plue said...

oh gosh! you have all of them!

i definitely like the green palette!

AskMeWhats said...


Jenn said...

Hee, I ordered 2 of the palettes and 3 of the nail polishes, but judging by your pic I might have to pick up more. Can't wait to see your review. =)

Haru said...

Wow, that was super fast! Good to know EMS is still as reliable as ever :-) Any favourites yet? Think these will take at least another month or two to reach Singapore.

fuzkittie said...

Haha wow I can count on you for thorough reviews on ALL colors!!! <33

izumi said...

woooowwww! i can't wait for your reviews, i want to snatch a few up for myself too xD

thenewgirl said...

can't wait for your reviews, i'm really interested in the green, purple and that silver and pink one.

Catherine said...

Eee, so excited for your reviews! :D

Carissa said...

I cant wait for you to review them. This is so unbearable!! haha.. thanks <3

Whitepiano555 said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!! you got all of them!! really nice.
can't wait for review and swatch ^__^

Anya said...

WOW! i've been curious about the new jeweling eyes (esp. VI782 & SV887).. now i can't wait for your thorough reviews & swatches *soon* :D

Kathi said...

Haha, I will try to hurry up with my review! I see everyone is so eager for it!!

Hey Haru,
yes EMS from Japan still rocks hehe! Though in the previous months they were significantly slower (like she sent it on Monday and the stuff arrived on Saturday or even Monday!). But this EMS was fast as always (sent Monday, arrived Thursday) =D

I tried the RD palette and so far so good! It's a pretty golden peach look that's very flattering even though I am cool-toned!

Inspiring Beauty Creator: said...

oooo Swatch these please!! I got the perfume and I am waiting for it to come in. How does it smell? Tell us girly!

Wombat said...

woohoo! cant wait to see these! i'm heading back to Taiwan soon and delaying all MJ purchases til then (e/s palettes retail for abt 11.5usd there...!) i'm surprised that they released 8 in the collection, looks like a sign of replacing some other old palettes.

And 3 pinky themed ones out of 8, going to be interesting to see how they look!

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