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Friday, April 3, 2009

Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam & Perfect Oil

And yet another cleansing oil & foam cleanser review =P
Adambeauty added Shiseido's Perfect line to his shop and I was quite interested to try out a couple of items from the range so I settled on the Perfect Oil and Perfect Whip Foam. I don't usually like cleansing milks etc.

I quite like those cool blue bottles/tubes because they look somehow refreshing and clean.

I paid US$13 for the Perfect Oil and US$11 for the Perfect Whip Foam.

-Perfect Oil:
This comes in a hygienic 150ml bottle with a pump dispenser. The bottle is made of transparent blue plastic whereas the oil is clear.
It's a rather lightweight thin oil that doesn't feel overly greasy and spreads well on my face.

This emulsifies really well and turns into a milky color when you wash it off. My face doesn't feel greasy or oily, just clean and comfortable after rinsing this off.
I think this can be considered in my Top-3 Cleansing Oil list (along with Kanebo Naive and FancL MCO).

I think I notice a super faint fresh scent when using this but I am not 100% sure if it's really fragranced.

-Perfect Whip Foam:
According to Shiseido this cleanser foams up to create super fine bubbles to remove dirt even from the finest pores etc.
The 120g squeeze tube contains a white cream that lathers up nicely creating a dense creamy foam.

What I really love about this cleanser is that it's one of the least harsh and drying foaming cleansers I found to date. Most foaming cleansers totally strip my skin of any oils but this leaves my face glowy and soft without a dry or taut feeling.

It has a light fresh scent and it's really pleasant to use this product.

All in all I highly recommend both items and think they're well worth purchasing. Shiseido has proven again that they can come up with really fantastic products.


fuzkittie said...

Thanks for the reviews, I always wondered about oil cleanser!

Anonymous said...

Ooo, makes me want to try... I just ordered the Sana Nameraka Cleansing Oil and Foam Cleanser. I hope they work well for me :)

Did you reviewed the other two oils here before? The Naive one sounds interesting...

Anonymous said...

My Perfect oil arrived 2 days ago from Adam! I think the oil is scented but This is my first cleansing oil so I did not know what to expect but i really like it. I use a gel cleaner after but that is just because of habit. And i think it is has a light fresh scent.

Because of your blog I took an interest in Japanese makeup and i'm so happy I did. I find that western cosmetics companies expect all women to be blonde and tanned. i am caucasian with very fair skin and black hair and I walked in the department stores and nothing appealed to me because of my coloring.

Alice said...

hi there! :D

I was wondering if this cleansing oil can be use as a makeup remover?
or do u use it as a pre cleanse cleanser?

AhCapp said...


I have been using the perfect whip cleanser for the past year to 2. I think they are really good. N yes, they are not harsh on the skin at all. =D Definately worth getting and they are very affordable.

As to the cleansing oil, it doesn't remove my makeup very well. I still prefer DHC cleansing oil. =)

Laura L said...

wow,they looks really great. I'm thinking to get a whip foam after reading this review xD

nice nice...

Taryn said...

So your skin didn't feel tacky at all after washing with the Perfect Whip? My face felt sticky or something, even though I rinsed carefully. It did have a great whipped texture though.

The oil is really intriguing me...

plue said...

I actually just reviewed the cleanser not too long ago. Hehe. I like it for morning use, but not for night use, a little too mild for my liking.

I was thinking of whether to get the Cleansing Oil, since I saw on MUA the ratings weren't very good. But hm, now that I read your review, I having a change in my mind!

stephyholland said...

Is this product part of the regular Shiseido? It' not on their website. Just curious. I wanted more information about it because it is priced A LOT less than some of the older products. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


I have acne prone and kinda oily skin, and I use Naive cleanser (aloe) because it's not as harsh feeling as many of the American products I have used before.

I've been looking for a good quality, but inexpensive, Japanese makeup remover that will remove oil-free foundation and water resistant eye make up. Do you know of any?

I have heard that many Japanese women use oil makeup removers and I was wondering if the oil in the remover would cause acne?

Are the oil makeup removers better than the cream ones?

Thanks so much!

shaynaJo said...

hi, thanks for the reviews, i wonder if this product is still available coz I heard it has been discontinued?
where can I purchase it..? I don't see this in my country.. sadly..

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