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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Inexpensive Beauty Find: Small Canmake haul

As I probably mentioned before Canmake is pretty much a hit or miss brand for me. Either I love their stuff or I find it to be total crap.

I am always curious for Canmake's items...they're one of the cheapest Japanese drugstore brand so testing out items doesn't break the bank and I always might find some fine things so trying is worth it.

I purchased 3 items from Canmake when I hauled some things from Ichibankao last time.

I got:
-Glitter Eyes 03
-Cover & Stretch Concealer UV 01

-Nudy Glow Rouge 01 Rose Macaroon

-Glitter Eyes #03:

I have been eying the Glitter Eyes for the longest time but never got any of them as I was quite disappointed with any Canmake eyeshadows I had tried so far so I was sure the Glitter Eyes wouldn't seriously thrill me.
The Glitter Eyes are actually pretty decent shadows! At least the trio I got.

The texture is surprisingly soft and smooth with medium pigment. Even if the name "Glitter Eyes" is sort of intimidating the 2 colors only impart a slightly shimmery finish whereas the highlighter is shimmery with a few glitter bits. (They look pretty though, not over the top glittery!).
The shadows blend well and last most of the day on me.

The color I got (#03) contains a peachy brown, a deeper coppery brown and a cream colored highlighter. The 2 colors show up nearly the same on me with just a little more depth in the darker color.
All in all this is a pretty decent eyeshadow trio and worth checking out. It's nowhere the quality of other Japanese brands but you get quite a nice bang for your buck!

-Cover & Stretch Concealer UV in #01 Light Beige:

I believe this concealer won some award (Cosme or so) so I was quite curious trying this out. It comes in 3 colors so I really hoped the lightest would work for me.
The Cover & Stretch Concealer comes with SPF 25 PA++ which is a great plus for a concealer in my opinion.

The concealer is very thick and pasty and offers really good coverage and stays on long (it's waterproof!).
Blending is a bit hard if you use it on bigger areas unless you use a good moisturizing primer or face care before.

I find the color 01 Light Beige is light enough to use on spots but too dark around eyes. For spot coverage this is a great product though!

I would say the color 01 would be a perfect match for someone NC20-25. The other 2 available colors look significantly darker online.

-Nudy Glow Rouge #01 Rose Macaroon:

So far none of Canmake's lip colors really worked for me as the color/texture usually didn't work for me.
Since I love pink beiges/nudes/light pinks/roses etc. the Nudy Glow Rouge range caught my eye when I saw it on Ichibankao.
The Nudy Glow Rouge comes in a pretty tube with brush applicator.
The texture is rather thick but not sticky. The color I got is quite pigmented.

What bugs me a little is the staying power which is quite little and the slightly uneven application as the color also tends to settle into any fine lines on/around my lips.
I like the color though and if I reapply frequently my lips always look pretty. If you aren't into high-maintenance lip color then this isn't really for you though!

#01 Rose Macaroon is a light beige pink which looks more like a milky pink on my lips.


Lina said...

Great review! :o)
I've always wanted to try Canmake; especially their blushes. Gotta them some soon!!

dodo said...

it's nice you can buy all these japanese high quality yet inexpensive cosmetics!!

Connie De Alwis said...

the lip color looks lovely on you! so opaque :)

theotherworldly said...

Hi! Delurking to comment, Canmake has this Eye Lash Essence in a sky blue mascara-ish bottle which really seriously helps lashes to grow longer! It's my absolute HG and I am dying to recommend it everybody I know :)

Unknown said...

That lip color looks beautiful on you!

Whitepiano555 said...

I love this lip color, so beautiful on you.

Catherine said...

Oooh, that lippie looks great on you! I like how that eyeshadow looks too. It's not GLITTERY, but there's just a little extra oomph. Very pretty!

thenewgirl said...

hi kathi, thought you should know that adambeauty carries lunasol now :P

fuzkittie said...

All lip colors look good on you!! Haha... the e/s look good, you look good with warm colors!

Sofie said...

Thanks for the reviews!
The lip colour looks gorgeous on you! You have such a nice pair of lips -sounds positivly weird-

Whitney & the full effect said...

oooo lemming the canmake glitter eyessss!!!!

Syn@3sTh3sI@ said...

i never been a fan of canmake no matter how my frens rave about it...

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