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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kanebo Freeplus Maintenance Care Lotion, Emulsion & Barrier Repair Emulsion 2

Judging by the comments to my DHC Giveaway most ladies would love to read more about skincare. Now I am not that experimental when it comes to skincare so you won't read dozens of reviews on skincare =P But I want to start reviewing all skincare I have so I'll start with Kanebo's Freeplus stuff.

Freeplus is targeted to sensitive skin. The items I purchased are free from parabens, fragrance, mineral oils, chemical sunscreen, alcohol and colorants. So pretty much most irritants have been left out. In addition all products contain some good-to-your-skin ingredients. Please check out this post by A Touch Of Blusher to read more!
The design of Freeplus reminds me strongly of Mandom's Barrier Repair Baby Moist range... even the name (Barrier Repair) is the same. Now I don't know who was "inspired" by whom lol!

Anyway, the bottles are made of heavy white/blue plastic with screw-on caps. The packaging is sleek and basic which probably should reflect the refined simplicity of these products.

Price-wise these are in the higher spheres, around 2000-4000 Yen/each product. Click here!
The items are split in skincare for oilier/acne-prone (Lotion 1, Emulsion 1 and other items) and products for drier skin-types. You can purchase a trial kit from each range to find out if it's the right stuff for you. The kits are somewhat pricy but good travel sizes, too.

-Maintenance Care Lotion:

I actually purchased this because someone told me it's the advanced version of the Barrier Repair Lotion 2. Someone else told me it's for mature skin lol. Anyway, it's a pretty nice lightweight and mild lotion. It's refreshing but not harsh on my skin.
The 130ml bottle retails for 3675 Yen.

-Maintenance Care Emulsion:

This is a lightweight moisture milk for your face. When I use this during the day this is enough moisture now in the hot weather. At night I follow with the Barrier Repair Emulsion 2 (cream) as it adds more lipids I need for nighttime.
The Maintenance Care Emulsion makes a nice moisturizer and a good base for primer, foundation etc.
The 130ml bottle retails for 3990 Yen.

-Barrier Repair Emulsion 2:

This is a little 40g jar of moisture cream. It's a nice rather light but still very moisturizing and smoothing cream. I go through this jar quite fast though. I use this to follow the Maintenance Care Emulsion at night and during the day if it's a cooler day or I am not intending to wear makeup.
Retails for 3675 in Japan.

All in all I really love this skincare. The items are mild and didn't cause any adverse reactions. My skin is soft and I am feeling good knowing that I use a basic but efficient skincare.

You can purchase some of these items from adambeauty. Ichibankao has the complete range and bobodave can get it, too (contact them for pricings/availibility).


CherryColors said...

Oh they look really simple and that they can do a good work. But again I don't know :).

Keep us posted on the results!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reviews on the Kanebo Freeplus! I just got the Barrier Repair Lotion 2 and Barrier Repair Emulsion 2 (I actually recieved the Lotion before the Emulsion, but I posted it together for everyone else's convenience), and I'm loving them both so much! They're so pricy, but with my skin so soft and calm, I think it's worth it (after the fact) :P It hasn't been too long since I've been using the line, but I have a feeling that this one is going be a favorite :)

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

Your little lady is so cute! :)

Jo said...

Thanks for the great review. I have combination skin so is considering the emulsion 1.. hehe..

I would like to ask if you have tried the Freeplus UV protector? I have sensitive skin and know that the UV protectors still have alcohol in them. I want to try it but is a bit worried, so would like to grab some opinion. Do you know how much alcohol does it contain?

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