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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Etsy-mania & GIVEAWAY! (Open for all readers worldwide!)

My first birthday is approaching (Me = Lotus Palace hehe) so you will find more giveaways over the next weeks! Sounds cool, right?

Anyways, yesterday and today new truckloads of Etsy cuties arrived here so it's time to blog about them (and who knows...might get more stuff tomorrow and after lol). I also got some cute stationery from eBay and new label stickers/"Thank-You"-cards for my sales blog =)

I'll sort my Etsy hauls by seller and the eBay stuff is in 1 pic =D


This lady has the cutest cupcake (and other food)-themed totes and magnets! They look incredibly kawaii! I got 2 cupcake magnets (for my kids, they were waiting so hard for these to arrive!), a super cute butter toast charm (I attached it to my purse hehe) and a nice roomy tote/eco bag with the cutest sundae on it!
I also got some yummy candies (my kids sure stole them hehe)


I already mentioned this seller in my last Etsy haul post! Her items are so cute and this little pink needle felted brooch was too pretty to resist!


I ordered a nice thin cotton flannel blanket for my toddler and it's perfect fot the hot weather right now! The blanket is much bigger than regular swaddler blankies so it's great for toddlers and kindergarden kids!


This lady specializes in those pretty linen organizers (In Touch Clutch)... you can get them in dozens of different fabrics, including some cute Japanese prints. I decided on the Eggplant Folklore fabric and it's really pretty! The memo pad, pen and cards were included, too!


Ok, you can consider this seller among my top favorites (along with Siamsquare, Tippythai and some others).
She makes the most adorable pouches, totes and passport covers! She had a sale going on so I indulged in quite a few items (2 passport cases are for my kids) and they're so well made, very professional and the fabrics are really to die for! Of course all bags are lined and interfaced!

I got a big wristlet (so sweet!), 3 passport cases for my kids and me, a cute honey bear pouch, a small pouch with turtles, a big roomy clutch (this is the perfect size for my huge day planner and some pens) and a pocket tissue pouch with dancing piglets (for my car, have the one from chetanddot in my handbag).
I am waiting for a few more items from this seller as I ordered in smaller bunchs not to get taxed!
I received 2 pencils, erasers, a sharpener and some cute little cards along with my 3rd order!

This is the stationery I hauled from eBay and etsy (listed under supplies...still waiting for more!)

And last but not least my Lotus Palace cards and stickers (from a German website) =)

I am giving away a
Dennis Anderson Whipped Soap in Cherry Blossom and a The Big Squeeze Shower Gel in Cherry Blossom! Of course both items are unused/untested and fresh!

To enter you have to:

-become a follower of my blog if you aren't yet

-leave a comment (no specific content required)...please make sure I can identify you by your nick or first name!
-Contest ends on May 30th 2009, 6 PM (my time, GMT +1)
-Winner will be announced in a new post after random selection by
-Please contact me with 3 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!

-Prize will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 2 business days after winner contacts me! Happy participating and Good Luck!


Emma said...

Hello I enjoy reading your blog and fancy having an entry into the competition please :) I've never tried whipped soap before! If I don't win I must buy some on etsy, I just love that place.

miss_waterlily said...

would love to join in on thie contest:-D

kelly x

『HAZEL』 said...

I love anything cherry blossom! I haven't bought anything on etsy yet, but i will one day. thanks for the giveaway!

paperdollrevenge said...

Wow those are such cute finds on Esty!

Congrats on your first birthday!!

CherryColors said...

Oh cherry scented stuff! So nice!

I love reading your blog, since you have so many hauls! ^^ You could take some more detailed pictures (pix porn!).


I wonder how does whipped soap feel like..
I think Etsy can be really addictive, thanks god I forgot my pws.. :D

fuzkittie said...

Yay giveaway!! You're awesome! :D

More kawaii overload! I went and browsed Etsy for an entire afternoon after reading your last haul, hahaha, but I ended up getting these jewelry pieces... xD

Anonymous said...

hi im interested in being in your giveaway contest =]

Unknown said...

Wooh, approaching first birthday!

The butter toast charm is sooo adorable! Hmm yumm... makes me hungry right now...

Wished my mom bought me such kick ass stuff when I was a little kid XD

Chewed Checkers said...

AWWWH that toast is so adorable =]

Shop N' Chomp said...

*crosses fingers*

How sweet of you to do this :)

Chomfifi said...

enter me in! :) i wonder how they smell like! you can call me katelyn or chomfifi :)

Laura L said...

oh, how sweet. Another giveaway.
wow, u do shop a lot from the etsy.But your haul are all so cute.LOve it!

Lulu said...

wow so much cute goodies from etsy!
Happy earlyh birthday to lotus palace :) :) Thanks for having the giveaway, my blogspot is

Unknown said...

wow! I'm definitely adding rubbishtees to my favorite sellers...if there's felt bacon, I'm on board =D

Limo said...

Another giveaway...Yeah! Those passport covers are just super adorable. Love it. (Limo)

MiuMiu said...

Is the toast called mr toastie? i saw it on a blog where the person was making them and they were so cute!!
mmm...cherry blossom sounds like it'll smell dandy! count me in please =)

Unknown said...

I love your handmade haul! All of the creations are soo adorable. I will try someday to make those kinds of cute things.. I'd like to join your giveaway~~ I've never tried whipped handmade soap! sounds fun!

GC said...

hey id like to enter. whipped soap sounds cool. i've never tried it before :] its a nice giveaway

K said...

Wow, what a great giveaway! I hope I win!

Jenn said...

So many cute goodies!

ooo would love to try the whipped soap and shower gel =)


AskMeWhats said...

definitely would love to give this a try, I love stuffs like this!!! :) Thanks for the contest and thanks for making this available worldwide :)

MiuMiu said...

hey kathi,
i forgot to ask..but would you happen to know if the Lunasol base makeups contain silica? I can't seem to find the list of ingredients.

Soapaholic said...

Especially like the linen organizer from Downstairsdesigns! So cute.^_^

Tasha said...

Thanks for the give away!

That's a LOT of cute stuff! :) I especially adore the organizer and the cupcakes. I didn't know that so many internet companies offered these kinds of products. :)

Anonymous said...

I would love to try the whipped Soap and the Big Squeeze Shower Gel :) Please allow me to join this Giveaway contest.


Catherine said...

Lovely hauls! The passport cases are so cute!

=MELBERRIE= said...

Hi~ I love reading your blog :) It's very informative and all the products you test out are all so nice! Great giveaway

♥ Starryxuan said...

Hello! My first time joining your competition :) got fancinated with your reviews for the whipped soaps! you got me hooked onto Etsy too :P

Anonymous said...

i love etsy too! :)


akiki said...

this is sooooo fun!! and congratulations for staying to blog over the year now!! it's hard, for me... :P
i must say u did a good job here~

mayaari said...

what adorable purchases! i love the wristlet and pouches - they're so cute :)

the LP cards and stickers look very nice too :)

anna said...

all those etsy goodies are so cute! i gotta explore that site too:)

Keziah said...

ow wow great haul!:D

count me in! please.

✿Ji✿ said...

I so want that linen case, it's the cutest thing ever!♥

acutelife said...

OOOH...more cuteness T-T etsy is best to be approached with caution and wallet far from reach (in a locked vault preferably)...great cuteness in all your hauls..cant wait to see more :D btw, i try my luck again lolz

cleung341 said...

Nice Etsy hau;. How do you find such talented sellers? Heard a lot of good things about Dennis Anderson's products. Good lucj everyone.

. said...

Ahh! You always get hold of the cutest stuff! I think when I'm a mum, I'll probably also buy lots of adorable things for my kids (and me..hehe).

By the way, is the contest open to internationals?

cavano said...

Hi Kathi;
I also would love to try the Etsy goodies. Count me in :)! Thanks!


Rita said...

i would love to try that goodies :D :D
congrats on lotus birthday :)

breakingrumours said...

Great haul!Cute stuff and all,i'm already considering whether or not to buy! =)

Too cute to resist,hehe.

birkinbagbeauty said...

Hi Kathy,
Ohh, I would not skip this wonderful opportunity to join your contest, but you will probably have at least a hunderd contestants :D

Your new Etsy batch is adooorable...your little toddler will be really happy with her blanket.

Oh, how do you like the bath and body products of ElliBathNBeauty you posted about: is the application just as good as they smell?

sumiji888 said...

Definitely want to win~~~

hope I remember to come back and check...

I check your blog about once a week~

always learning something new...

you are amazing

Yumeko said...

oh u bought some of the BEST stuff
those passport holders are gorgeous i loooooooooooooove

i havent tried that big squeeze so i hope i can win them heeee

e. said...

First of all, congrats on your first birthday! I love your Etsy haul!! Those prints on the fabrics are so adorable! :( I just spent like $50 purchasing stuff from Etsy 2 weeks ago X__X haha. Too many cute things! Only if I wasn't broke I'd purchase some cute passport covers!!

Love your blog!


Cris said...

That's it? I just have to leave a comment?
Just did ^_^.
& I have to say it's always lovely to know another blogger in Europe ;) :).

Sofie said...

Alots of etsy goodies you got there! I love the linen organizer~ I am thinking of buying one now hehe~

And I should join the giveaway too xD I am Sofie/13crowns

Ann said...

Gosh~ Whipped soaps.. My favourite! I like your etsy recommendations. =P Alto my wallet isn't thanking you. LOL!

Anissa said...

If you like those cute bags, you should totally check out seller

She has the most kawaii handmade bags that I have seen so far on etsy and they are affordable too!

Sara Aj said...

I can tell you, I'm in LOVE with your stuff , with your blog, with you yourself...
thx for letting us win your gr8 stuff, and thanks again for being you!! I love the cherry blossom things, hope I could win, wish me luck!! ~

Vanessa said...

hii, the Etsy sounds great! count me in please. THank you!

theotherworldly said...

Hello! OMG those cute cute stuff are absolutely exquisite and to die for! I hope I have a good chance! :)

tessa said...

Hi Kathi,

I love your etsy/ebay haul!! I'm so tempted now to go and get some passport covers! :) I'd also like to enter the cherry blossom goodies contest!



Melia said...

I'd love to win these! I love anything cherry related...

dodo said...

Luv them all!! you hauled a lot from etsy..haha

Anna said...

Hi Kathi, great stuff as usual (including the giveaway, of course!!), the cupcakes are incredibly cute! I will also have to look into the flannel blankets for my 2-year-old son to snuggle in! is your ear? Are you feeling better? Hope so!
Anna+Tommy x

Unknown said...

Your Etsy haul is soo cute!! Etsy can be really addicting. =P

Thanks for the giveaway!!

jeng said...

Sweet!I'd love to win this!

Camille Santos said...

theres so many giving away on blogs lately hehe.

Swtest2Lips said...

Yay! Thank you!

babysaffron said...

love the cupcake bag...
etsy is so addicting...

tiggercheeze said...

love reading yr blog! been reading since it first started! or maybe even earlier ... since makeupalley days xD

keep up the great work!

NiNi said...

Guten tag Kathi!
P/S: I don't come from German speaking countries but I'm a German language student. :)
Anyways, the Etsy goods are just sooo adorable! Feel like eating the cupcakes away. :p
Thanks for organizing this giveaway too.
Danke und Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

joyce_crystal said...

everyone love i am here. :)

Elena said...

Such beautiful things you have here!!!

I always read your blog when i need to add some color to my day....

Great job!

lord voldemort said...

hello! i love your blog & it's been sooo helpful in aiding me with my bb cream purchases. thanks for everything~ =)

Stephanie Angela said...

hi.. i've been reading your blog since quite a while.. love it!
i love your reviews, and those etsy stuff is kawaii!

anono said...

Would love to join in! ^_^
-- anono

R. said...

I'd love to win! I've never tried anything from Etsy before :)

Rachel L

pinkfish said...

This is the MOST adorable blog eva..
hehe, enjoy reading it very much..
altho i have neva left a msg before..
so now is the TIME..

thanx for sharing..

Mz. W said...

Thanks for hosting such a sweet giveaway! You totally introduced me to etsy...I've been missing out on all these cute and unique stuff! You got some very nice hauls from them btw. =P I love Japanese fabrics too~

cibicco said...

I love purchasing soaps from etsy, haven't tried any whipped soaps though. Thanks for the giveaway.

Tam said...

Yay, I love the scent of cherry blossom
Thanks for the giveaway

Chickadee said...

Love this blog! I am addicted to Etsy now and ordered some blankets from Pannaz for my toddler, one on the way and my nephew who's due to be born any day now! Thanks for sharing such great finds! Would love to enter the giveaway as well. Thanks!

Hikaru said...

Hi~!!!! ^-^
Here I am, trying again ;P Sure I don't win, but it's funny to try, don't you think?

Keep doing this wonderful job, thanks for all your fantastic reviews Kathi \^0^/

See ya~!

K said...

wow.. big etsy haul~ very cute^^

such a sweet giveaway! i keep on reading about how great whipped soap is but never came round to get it :)

Dearestmich said...


i enjoyed reading ur blog as i'm a beauty freak like u hu loves to try different skincare & cosmetic products so ur blog is definitely helpful to me..& ur reviews r always so detailed esp i love how u always press e cream out so that readers can c how e colour of the product is like & is it suitable for us or not? hopefully i can get e giveaway if i'm lucky enuff =) thanx


my email will be

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