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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bison makes wonderful stuff, too!

The Grapia Peeling was the only bad thing I tried from Bison so far (and it's only bad for my skin, for others it might do wonders so I try to be fair lol!)... Bison makes very cute things different from what you might find otherwise in the Japanese drugstores.

Sasa carries a ton of Bison goodies so along with my most previous order (which took an annoying week to ship and another 2 weeks to arrive!) I received some new goodies from Bison.
Many of Bison's products have a cute ethno-vibe or a super kawaii style and come in really nice and pretty packaging.

I picked up the following goodies from Sasa recently:

-Finland Spa Relax Bath Salts in Lemon Grass & Herb, White Birch and White Flower & Berry...

I really like the bath salts, they disolve and give a milky tint to the water. I feel these are quite moisturizing (especially compared to regular bath salts) and leave my skin soft and nicely scented. I use half a bag per bath which is easily enough to enjoy the scent/skincare properties.
The packages retail for US$2.60/each on

-Murumuru Butter Lip Cream (SPF16) and Lip Balm (SPF11)...

the Lip Cream (in stick form) is unscented and offers decent sun protection for daily use. It makes my lips soft and supple.

The Lip Balm (in the tub) is a thicker slightly sticky balm with a sweet scent (very subtle) and is a perfect overnight treatment. I really love this!

I paid US$4.60 for the Lip Cream and US$5.50 for the balm.

-Cacaw Choco Esthe Treatment Scrub...

this is a deliciously smelling body scrub. The little peeling particles aren't that rough so it's a rather mild scrub in my opinion. Very good stuff and the chocolate scent is a pleasure to sniff in the shower!
I paid US$11.50 on


birkinbagbeauty said...

Ohhh, I had the Murmuru lip balm in my cart with my last order, but removed it :C
Oh well, something for the next time, I guess

Rita said...

are the shipping costs on sasa reasonable or very high?

CherryColors said...

Those items made my heart jump of joy! They're really pretty, especially the balm in a pot cough my eye!
Really pretty, reminds me of butter + chocolate.

Btw the first packages look like candy, yummy!

But they are in a way, candy for your body, hehe..

Shop N' Chomp said...

hee hee...what funny cute packaging :)

fuzkittie said...

Aw sooo cute!!

kuri said...

how cute! I've been looking for a lip cream in a stick with spf; the murumuru one sounds perfect.

MiuMiu said...

the bison products look so cute! i wanted to try some of the stuff, but i gotta cut back XD

Laura L said...

it looks really great, aww, Bison makes good products and cute!

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