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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love Clover Lip Treatment Butter

Lipbalms are a passion of mine (well, obviously makeup and beauty stuff in general haha!)... so I have about 10 dozens of sticks, pots and tubes of lipcare floating around, sometimes find balms I had forgotten about in my beauty stash and of course buying whatever new things are coming out.

My most recent purchase is Love Clover's new Lip Treatment Butter. For some odd reason I cannot resist any beauty product with the name "butter" in just sounds so luscious, creamy and nurturing.

The Lip Treatment Butter comes in a cute little glass jar with a golden/pink metal cover. You also get a small spatula so you don't need to dig the balm out with your fingers!

The balm has a thick vaseline-y texture but doesn't feel greasy, more like a glossy balm.
The lipcare is very lightly scented (sweet with a fresh menthol note..but really only very faint) and leaves a slightly cool feeling upon application.

I feel the balm is really nicely moisturizing and makes my lips smooth and soft. Since it's a rather emollient balm leaving a good barrier this is a great balm for chapped lips.

Honestly this is a very pricey balm at 1365 Yen (about US$14...and more when you purchase it online) but I really like it. I probably won't repurchase as I always try out new balms and have some favorites that are a little cheaper (Shiseido Therapind Oil Balm in Pot, Kiss, Kose Happy Bath Day etc.)


Bijin Blair said...

Ahhh, it looks good! I don't know why, but it reminds me of a pot of honey hahaha

Sian said...

Heya, I've been reading your blog for a while and think it's brilliant! I even started buying/using Japanese & Korean makeup because I think they're so much better than Western brands! Thank you for writing such great reviews (although my credit card probably isn't too happy lol). Just one small suggestion - at the end of your reviews could you put where you purchased the product from?
Sian =)

. said...

Oo! A spatula! See, why don't western branded potted lipbalms come with those?

Unknown said...

That one seems interesting.

Catherine said...

Oooh, that looks like a very nice balm.

Yumeko said...

its so pretty isnt it
i was oogling it but i thought it was too pricey [i am so stingy haha]

my sale blog is here
i am still tweaking it though

fuzkittie said...

Great review hehe. It's hard to resist this product, but I seriously have way too many lip balms that I tried and hated... still go back to my La Mer every single time.

glaciajo said...

I know I'm pretty late, but I just found your posting. You mentioned Shiseido Therapino Lip Balm. Do you happen to have a review of this line? I'm so curious about this product. I can't find ingredient list anywhere, and I'm not sure if it's a discontinued product (I've seen it on ebay though). Thanks.

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