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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My first Etsy haul arrived! (Anderson Soap Company haul)

When I spotted pics of Anderson Soap Company's Soap in a Jar (Fluffy Whipp) in Yumeko's blog I was instantly attracted to the cute pots of whipped soap (never saw a whipped soap before!) but I held off ordering as I was not familiar with Etsy (and I didn't want to start a new addiction!). After reading more raves online, including Ning's blog I finally gave in and ordered a bunch of items.

The order I received today was placed on May 5th so the items arrived here super fast! This is actually the 3rd bunch I ordered from dennisanderson on Etsy but the first package that arrived (the other orders were placed on May they should get here shortly!)
I had a 25% off coupon so I couldn't resist ordering more stuff!

Anyways, I received a sweet cherry-smelling package with the following items:

-Soap in a Jar Fluffy Whip in Peppermint Patty (smells like After Eight with a faint coffee note), Lemon Meringue (sweet lemon/vanilla scent) and Vanilla Bean Harvest (super lightweight vanilla custard sort of scent) ...I am waiting for several more scents incl. Cherry Blossom and Iced Oatmeal Cookie

-Buttercream Luscious Lipbalm (scent is just a hint of sweetness...feels quite moisturizing on my lips)

-Room & Linen Sprays in Blackberry & Viennese Latte (smells so good!!) and Homespun Vanilla (sweet light classic vanilla scent...will use this in my new car)

-Exfoliating Poppy Black Cheery Soap Bar (very strong cherry scent! The package smelled like this!)
-Exfoliating Oatmeal Milk & Honey Soap Bar (soft light sweet milky scent. Really lovely!)
And I got a Pure Romance Shea Butter Soap Bar (haven't really sniffed this yet) for free!

Now some might wonder that I actually purchased non-Asian beauty stuff... Honestly when it comes to bath and body stuff I am eager to try others stuff ...but only what's hard to get or different from the regular stuff (you won't find Dove or L'oreal stuff in my bathroom!) lol.

I used to be a big Lush fan till about a year ago but fell out of love for many (personal) reasons:

-Totally insane prices (like US$7 for a bath bomb here!)
-Scents often not as yummy as they could be
-Haircare is total crap. Made my easy-care shiny hair a big frizzy mess and I tried nearly all Shampoo Bars, Shampoos and Conditioners they have up for grabs!
-Face care irritated my skin and the cream felt like sitting on my skin
-Ugly packaging (yes, I know I am shallow but the ugly black pots just annoyed me!)
The only stuff I still love is their Snow Cake Soap and Perfume and their Butterball bath bomb. For some reason the Snow Cake Showergel didn't smell as good!

Anyways, I really love the idea of handmade soaps using as little ingredients as necessary and adding good stuff like Shea Butter, Olive Oil etc.

So far I haven't actually used my new Anderson Soap stuff yet but everything smells DELICIOUS!
The 2 vanilla-scented items (room spray and whipped soap) have a rather faint scent but it's detectable and lingers even though you might not expect it to.
And all things look so pretty, especially the soap bars! I will get more to stock for gift-giving when I place my next order.

If you're interested I recommend subscribing to the mailing list (click here) to receive special offers etc. (that's where I got my 25% off coupon).

But even without coupon his stuff is very affordable (soap bars range between US$3-5.50, whipped soaps cost US$5.25 etc.)

Will post my other hauls once they arrive!

I placed several orders for more bath stuff, purses, bags, walletes, iphone sleeves etc. It's hard to stop once you get into it!!


Bijin Blair said...

I agree!! I can look at the stuff on Etsy all day long without getting bored hahaha

Laura L said...

aww,i think i'm gonna try more whipping soaps from dennisanderson shop too. i think she/he offers really good scent goodies! wow, besides, after reading your post, haha xD i feel like i wanna try some room spray now! cool cool <3

MiuMiu said...

i love the whipped soaps! i think you'll get hooked

Yumeko said...

yes! i think etsy is addictive!

and girl u know..if u want japanese bathroom products......well u know my email winkwink

Sofie said...

Oh whipped soap! I never tried any of these but it looks so interesting! And everybody is raving about it~
Hope it works nicely for you :)

birkinbagbeauty said...

LOLOL, Etsy addictive? I haven't noticed that before (hides behind staples of Etsy jewellery and lipbalms)...
I love your haul: thank you for the update on the scents...The Vanilla sounds delicious...mmm

Catherine said...

Hehehehehe, Etsy is TOTALLY addictive. I haven't tried Dennis Anderson's stuff yet. My favorite soaper is Soapalaya Soaps. Her skincare is totally fab and she knows a lot about having allergic, reactive skin, so she's helped me out so, so, so much with my and my boyfriend's issues. I think I'm gonna have to try a few of those room sprays though. Viennese latte sounds AMAZING and the BF doesn't like it when I burn candles.

Shop N' Chomp said...

I love Etsy too! Ooh, that looks like a major stash! :)

pinky"the-middle-name-is-princess"beanie said...

I agree!! :) Ooh, do share reviews when you can. I got the Lemon Meringue as well but am intrigued by the others you've got. After reading what you think, I feel like I've to try some room spray as well ;)

Unknown said...

Hehe, Etsy is gorgeous. You'll love the Cherry Blossom soap, but girls there are lots of sellers, don't get stuck in dennnisanderson!

I am waiting a blueberry and white chocolate soap and coconut body creme from another one that lives in the same city that I do!

Dennis and Brandy said...

Thank you for this :) If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me and ask. I don't bite :)

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