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Saturday, May 30, 2009

New DHC Giveaway to celebrate LP's 1st birthday!

So my 1st birthday has come! Who'd have thought one year would pass so quickly? Thanks to everyone for their support and interest in my product babblings!

To celebrate you can win this cool DHC Tokyo Girls Collection which includes:

-Eyelash Tonic (with cute lace print)... deluxe size
-Lip Cream (full size)
-Deep Cleansing Oil (travel size)
-Original Mug

All comes in its carton! This is a very cute collection including DHC's 3 top selling products!

Just do the following:

-Leave a comment telling me which topic(s)/brands interest you I know what you ladies want to read more about

-Become a follower (if you aren't already)

-Contest will be open for a week, so it will close next Saturday, June 6th, at 7 PM (my time, GMT +1)

-Winner will be announced in a new post after random selection by

-Please contact me with 3 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!

-Prize will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 2 business days after winner contacts me! Happy participating and Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

i would like to be part of your giveaway :]

hmm i would like to hear more about bb cream (anybrand since there are so many) and etude house =]

Unknown said...

Wow this is a cute giveaway :D
I like reviews on newly released products most, especially pore-refining and oil-control skincare.
It's also nice when attention's paid to the packaging heehee, I'm a sucker for cute cosmetics (i.e. Majolica).

Happy 1st Birthday!

cleung341 said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
Love your reviews on Japanese cosmetics, but I would love to see more reviews on skincare products.
Good luck everyone!

IchigoBunnie said...

yay! thank you for the giveaway!

right now im really into skincare, trying to make my skin clear and soft and supple as possible, so seeing more skincare (and ingredients list posted as well cuz im allergic to sulfates T.T...seeing ingredients is VERY important to me). I dunno if u noticed an influx of page viewing but ive been reading up on ur sheet masks and other skincare posts that you put. (i actually just bought that black sheet mask because of you! lol) And is that ok if the reviews are a bit more in depth? i'd greatly appreciate that!

so yea, skincare is big for me, but i do love seeing japanese makeup as well to see the swatches and colors to help guide me to the colors i like.

thank youu!!

♥sormui♥ said...

GREAT giveaway!! I wanna hear more about etude house and skinfood! :D Pretty e/s palettes too!

Lumy said...

Hi, I'd like to participate~

What I like the most are your reviews on Japanese eye palettes, and also those on cute and not very well-known brands :)

Nina said...

I don't know much about Asian makeup brands and reading your blog keeps me updated! I'd like to see some skincare stuff, particularly for those (like me) who are acne prone.
Great giveaway!

Nicola said...

i would like to read more about etude house! because etude house is opening in singapore soon! (i'm from singapore and i saw the notice! ) i've read your past reviews on etude house and they're great! more more! :D


yvonne said...

oooh, I love the prizes for this giveaway!
I would like to see more posts on skincare, especially natural skincare.
Congratulations on your blog's 1st birthday!

CherryColors said...

YAY a giveaway! I am mostly interested in skin care (japanese too!) that is cheap and good (effective). Any maybe some falsies tips.

Maybe some reviews of different types of BB creams, since I started an obsession.

eymasar said...

happy birthday!!!

justltee said...

I'd love to see more skincare reviews!

Lulu said...

That's such a cute giveaway! Yay happy birthday to LP!!! :D

The thing I am most interested in reading about are your reviews on new japanese products (and droll over them cuz some of the stuff are hard to get here, haha). In particular, Japanese skin care products :)

Thanks! :)

S. said...

Happy 1st Birthday!

I love the design on the cup!! haha

I love all your reviews on your asia haul. especially etude house =]

Please do more of those!!

Unknown said...

Wow another giveaway! I'd like to take part :)
I love pretty packaging.. I really like your reviews on Japanese makeup/skincare products! I like Lunasol, Coffret D'or, Jill Stuart.. Their packaging is so adorable. I'm into eye makeup right now haha~
TY for such generous and cool giveaways :D

Katrina said...

Enter me! Enter me! :) What a generous giveaway!!! Ive never tried any products from that line.

Jéssy said...

I love Japanese and Korean products that you show here!
I am completely addicted packaging luxury and the Japanese sweetheart!
I hope my blog poses to be a success as your e reaches 1 year =)

Jessica Carina

Khanh said...

What a mom recently got interested in DHC. I'd love to win this as well as read more about DHC in general.

Naomi said...

:) happy bday! well i really like your reviews on both korean makeup and japanese brands as well as gmarket stuff! i also really like your lip and eyeshadow reviews so please do more in the future!

acutelife said...

You always have super interesting givaways!! :)
I quite anxious to see your nxt etsy hauls coz
You always manage to find some cute products that
I don't see whenever browsing etsy.and of course
Japanese cosmetics review :) esp unusual brands!!

Grace said...

Id like to hear about bb creams and skin care in general!

thanks and happy bday!

paperdollrevenge said...

Happy 1st birthday!!

Aww what a cute giveaway! I am definitely interested in DHC! But to be honest, I'm interested in skincare in general, especially good quality (no petroleum or mineral oil or drying alcohol, etc.)

Happy birthday again! =)

Limo said...

Thanks for another giveaway.
I would like to hear more about skincare too, esp. cleanser. I'm currently using shu uemura cleasning oil, it's great but i find it a little too pricey.

Lolita Riot said...

awww how sweet :) happy 1 year! I love your reviews and especially when you include swatches :)

Anonymous said...

New reader :]
Happy 1st birthday!

I've never entered a giveaway before, so I guess I'll try my luck.

I would like to see more reviews on Skinfood, skincare products, and any products that work well and are reasonably priced. Oh, also Shu Uemura and Benefit... I've heard a lot about those brands but I don't know which products are good. Thank you!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi, this is so great...thank you! I would like to read more about BB creams and whitening products.

Laura L said...

yay is another giveaway
of course I'm sooo excited to join

I would like to see/read more review about korean skincare/cosmetics posts. haha xD I'm big fanssss of them.

Happy 1st birthday!

.viCky said...

great giveaway =)

i've been a silent reader of your blog for a while now, and i'd love to read more about skincare reviews (especially masks!) + BB cream

ps. happy 1st birthday =D

miss_waterlily said...

I would love to hear more about skincare, also limited edition sets would not hurt either. Brands varies, but i guess mostly japanese drugstore brands:-D


meowie said...

happy birthday to your blog!

i would like to participate! (^.^)v

i am interested in reviews about facial masks!

~raspy~ said...

^-^ thanks for your giveaway!

i like to read more about skincare and makeup reviews, particularly korean brands and any other brands that are good and cheap! :D

Shi said...

happy birthday! I love your site~ I would like to hear about skincare and eyeshadow from asia

Camille Santos said...

i like to hear more product reviews..may it be korean japan products like etude and bb creams and stuff.i love ur blog! HAPPY BIRTHDAT LP!!

Joeyana said...

More reviews on skincare would be nice, maybe stuff with UV protection aswell^^
And this is totally different but maybe some tutorials on how you put eyeshadow with the different palettes, cos you look amazing in those pics^^

Kat C. said...

I wanna be part of your giveaway, too!

I actually really enjoy posts of reviews of products, but I also equally enjoy food posts. So if you can do both, I'm sure you will see me often =)

katch05 at gmail dot com

Mz. W said...

Happy 1st bday! I would like to see more reviews on Japanese skincare products, both drugstore brands and higher end ones. Thanks!! =P

Welcome to Jampipi Blog. said...

Dear LotusPalace Queen,

Happy Birthday to your Beauty Blog Empire.
I do like to have more of Korean and Japanese colour cosemetic as well as their sheet mask!

Not to forget bodyline care how to eradicate 'blood spots' razor bumps as my legs are really fair too!.

Chee Singapore

Anonymous said...

DHC LASH TONICCCCCC! woohoo! ok im joining this giveaway =P

I would love to read more about hydrating masks! have been suffering dry patches on my face and it annoys me to the max!

Happy 1st birthday!! :D

Tasha said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

I love reviews and comparisons between foundations, primers and BB creams. LOL I'm addicted to base makeup. I also enjoy reading and hearing more about products from Majolica Majorca, Laneige, Skinfood, Etude House, Jill Stuart, Coffret D'or, Macquillage and Kate.

aichaku-愛着 said...

happy 1st birthday! japanese skincare and makeup are always top on my reading list. so, just keep doing what you're doing, i love reading your posts. :D

Kawaii said...

Dear Kathi,

Congratulations for achieving the first milestone - the 1st anniversary of this blog!!!

I have learned a lot from your site regarding the Japanese and Korean beauty products. I look forward to read more reviews on Japanese brand skin care and cosmetics... especially those drugstore brands which doesn't burn a hole in our pockets. :)

zhenling said...

i comeback often to look at makeup porn mostly
i love our oil cleanser reviews as u always stack them up again fancl MCO my HG too!
please do more!

thanks for the generous giveaway!

We are Ribbonholics! said...

Thank you for the giveaway!

To everyone: DHC lipcream is really wonderful! It's my HG!

I like to read about japanese cosmetics. In fact i started reading your blog because i googled about lavshuca's palettes and found your blog and swatches and eotd and i've been reading ever since. Because you do a eotd for almost all your eye palettes which i really thank you for the effort :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Really love your blog :)

I am always on the lookout for THAT base makeup so would love to see more reviews on base makeup from Japan!

Brands I want to see more: Lunasol & Cle De Peau(sp?)

Unknown said...

Hi Kathi~ I'm your silent reader so far.. :D

I'd love to hear more about skincares from you..

thank you :)

Jenn said...


I'm interested in all your reviews, but currently I'm most curious about korean brands like banila.

MaryJoyce said...

Happy Birthday LotusPalace!
Definitely Asian makeup and skincare! Actually, need i say that =)? You are my number 1 enabler for asian makeup =)

Helen Zhang said...

this is such a lovely giveaway..
you are so kind~!

I have only discovered this lovely blog not long ago..but I have managed to read pretty much all the posts~!! woohoo...they were fab..

I would probably like to see more skincare there are SO many to choose from..

anyway, keep up the good work

happy 1st birthday

Chomfifi said...

i would like to participate in this free giveaway!

i want to see more hauls and product reviews. i like what you're doing already! :)

janny said...

happy 1st birthday!!
the topic that I am most interested in reading of yours would have to be anything related to facial masks in particular sheet masks

Anonymous said...

Love the DHC giveaway!! I love to read more about Korean skin care and cosmetic stuff! They have Yummy stuff eheh!

Happy Birthday to you~

Love :)
Yeeli/ fattybooboo

Fifi said...

Another worldwide giveaway! Thank you for throwing this! :D

I'd love to see more reviews about Japanese skincare products. I've been eyeing on Juju for a while but there's still little reviews about their products out there...

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Lotus Palace!!

I remember when I first stumbled across your page from MUA, and that was when you first created your blog! :) You have gone a long way, thank you for all the helpful reviews, Kathi! Bravo!

I want to join in the contest!

Here's my entry:
I like department brands like Shiseido Maquillage, Kose, Kanebo, Paul & Joe, and Jill Stuart and Lunasol. I like reading about high-end lines cos the quality of their products are exceptional and I want what I can't have. :P

anna said...

I love DHC so I must buy that even if I won't win:D haha!
I'd like to read more about skincare, especially Japanese. Also everything cute is always nice to read and watch.^_^

JYBABY said...

you're the first makeup blog i religiously read hehe

anyways i would leave to see more cheaper end and the latest japanese cosmetics tested on the face :) (some sasa items seem like old releases) i also would love to see more body contouring creams or japanese tools that i always see on the magazines for slimming. I don't mind high end japanese cosmetics either. maybe hair dye if you want to dye your hair as well! i'm interested in PRETTIA

anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year is a big achievemet. be proud

ps i'm follower JYBABY i don't know why i can't sign in. =S

anono said...

Happy 1st Birthday!!!
I'm interested in all the Japanese cosmetics reviews from you.

sindylicious said...

Cute prize :)

Happy 1st bday!!
I love to see your hauls + reviews cause it kinda introduces me to some new products that I might want to try out.

Sofie said...

I am really interested in Lunasol and Jill Stuart which is expensive brands T-T so I know if it is worth it~ Also I am a nailpolish addict~ So I am very interested in any kinds of nailpolishes~ Also skinfood skincare haha~

Happy 2st birthday dear!

Helly said...

a giveaway!!

I'd love to see more posts on lunasol or maybe makeup tutorials? your eyes always look so pretty and colourful, but soft and not over the top =)

Samantha said...

Hi there, would love to be part of your giveaway! Would like to see more reviews on more bb creams, especially skin79's! Also, more on skinfood products! Thank you =]

Vanessa said...

Oh wow I love this set!
I like your reviews on japanese products since the only way to get them is thru online for most of us and hence no way to try them before dropping $$$. I'm especially interested in the drugstore brands like Kiss Me and Majolica which are affordable and have some major HG stuff!

Thanks youuuu

Tracy said...

I like reviews, especially on skincare as there are so many brands and products in the market, plus there is always a new range/item. I know everyone have different skin type and concerns hence it will be lovely to update us with skincare that are interesting or new despite not buying or using it.
And lastly, I think you got really nice lips, do you have any special tips for mantaining them?
Most importantly, Happy 1st Birthday!

Rita said...

i would love to make part of this giveway.
i'm already a follower for some time.
and i love your reviews about japanese/korean produts. it introduce me to new ones and other that i really want to try out.

Tam said...

Congrats on your first anniversary, and thanks for the giveaway ^ ^
For me it's skincare and skincare extras! Just because, like you, I have pretty sensitive skin and if you approve of a product, I feel more confident about buying it, since I dont live in Asia and have to buy online!

Lisa said...

Aw this is a cute giveaway.

I would really like to see more reviews on skincare, more specifically sheet masks or any mask in general that would really help with pores and redness. I also love more reviews on Asian eyeshadow palettes as I am getting really into those. :)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the giveaway~
i would love to see more reviews about both japanese and korean cosmetics and skincare products.

Thank You~and good luck to all of the participants!!!

e. said...

Happy 1st Birthday :)

I would like to see more mascara reviews! I've heard Sony CP Lash Sculptor is very good..but never really found a review for it :(.. Also I'm interested in skincare products, masks, nail polishes, and I also like to see products tested!

Thank you! :)

mkt350 said...

Awwww this giveaway is super cute and happy birthday!!!

I would love to see more pressed powder and foundation posts because i am looking for my HG foundation and powder and so far everything you posted has been great! =D

Chewed Checkers said...

I would love to see more drug store recommendations =]

and also BB cream comparisons, not just for pale skin but the ones you would recommend for darker/tan skin!

Anonymous said...

i'm interested in reading more on bb creams and tinted moisturizers.

Soapaholic said...

Congratulations on your first anniversary!:)

I'd like to read more about skin care, and I especially like reading about Japanese skin care brands such as Kanebo and DHC.:)

tessa said...

Hi Kathi,

Happy 1st birthday!!

I would like to continue to see more makeup reviews on your hauls.

Thank you!!


Milo said...

Thanks for the giveaway!
I would like to hear more reviews about Korean skincare and makeup items!

Hui said...

Happy Birthday!! =)
I would like to know more about skin care, mainly moisturizers for dehydrated skin because i cant seem to find one that is suitable for me..
Thanks for the giveaway! =)

pinkdolphi1 said...

Happy 1st Birthday! I would like to see reviews on korean & japansese skincare & cosmetics! Especially Etude house since they're going to open one in singapore! Thank you!

Keziah said...

aww. thank you for this awesome giveaway!

count me in!

I would love to know more about asian brand cosmetics like Etude House, Lunasol..

goodluck to everyone.

Stephanie Angela said...

what i love most about your blog is the korean stuff reviews. it's really helpful.
and the etsy stuff too!

tiggercheeze said...

i would like to see more EOTD..maybe step by step instructions =)

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I'd like to know more about Mandom and its product lines. I have never tried this brand before, so it's nice to know more about it

Xevia said...

Happy 1st blogiversary!
Thanks for holding this nice giveaway!
I'm into skincare and have been hearing about Sulwhasoo, have you tried anything from them? I think it's pretty expensive, though...
And I also like reviews on eyeshadow palettes... :)

lord voldemort said...

omg! i'd totally love to be in ur giveaway~ i like posts about bb creams, beauty products, and well.. makeup!! =) but preferably things we can access in the usa lol

Unknown said...

My first time to comment here! I've found your site a month ago and have been searching through your old post...

I think one topic I love the most is Whitening treatment. Not that I believe in it, but I really want to hear from people who've actually tried it and see results under different lighting! Since I've only had one and I don't know. One brand I'm interested most is T'estimo because, well, it's gone! I don't even have the time to get to know it and it's like poof! I've searched and seems like it has got some great reviews and I don't understand it! LOL

bunee said...

happy one year !

skincare ! cuz no make up in this world would look flawless unless you got some great skin underneath ! and DHC . not cuz its the giveaway prize but ive been hearing nothing but goodness from this brand, from cleansing oil to foundation !

throuthehaze said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I am interested in skincare product reviews!

pretty-big-eyes said...

Ah, Tokyo girls collection!!
You always give away great stuffs. I've been your silent reader for a very long time, first time posting a comment :)

Anw, i would really love to hear more on Etude House.
More eye colours, maybe you could teach us how to wear eye makeup! Cos i really have no clue, im sure some would love to learn from you too. :)


Dessert Queen said...

Happy blog Birthday!

I love the Japanese and Korean makeup reviews! I'm most interested in Etude House, Lavshuca, Jill Stuart, Maquillage, Kate and Majolica Majorca!

Jenuine3x3 said...

I'm interested in learning more about paul & joe products because reviews of this brand's products are not easily found.

Chickadee said...

Great giveaway! The mug is adorable!
I love to hear about all Asian brands and see photos of them! also love reading about your Etsy finds! thanks!

Emma said...

I love your reviews on Japanese cosmetics, I'm particularly interested in bb creams and the brands Lavshuca and Coffret D'Or.

[hazel] said...

Hi! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! So cute! This is a sweet giveaway!

I would like more reviews on skincare products!

Thanks for the giveway!


annalene said...

i actually love seeing the occassional non-beauty related post (cute accessories, goods, etc.), i think its fun to switch things up a bit, though i do love the beauty related content as well. i also prefer the higher end/easier to find products.

thank you for the cute giveaways as well! :)

Anonymous said...

Lurking around for bb creams!! i always read your reviews before laying my hands on them. Hehe.. and not to forget etube house~!

moohoot said...

I love reading all your Etude House comments and reviews!(espeically the entire Peach collections you've hauled) It gave me a great idea on what I should buy (minus the trial and error stage)and what not to buy.

I've subscribed to your blog so will be receiving most up to date keep up the fantastic reviews!


dazzlingtots said...

definitely more japanese and korean cosmetics!! but since i am more into skincare now, i hope there are more skincare product reviews too:)

They Say Fairytales Could Never Exist In Real Life said...

I would like to see a fairshare of skin care and makeup that is at an afforable price. Totally pocket savvy to my pocket in this financial crunch.

Thank u for free giveaway

NiNi said...

Guten tag Kathi!
I'm most likely interested in mid-high end price range Korean brands such as Banila Co, Enprani, Feverlet, Cathy Cat, Clio, and etc. As for Japanese brands, I am more into the natural skin care side with brands such as FANCL and HABA. Make up wise, RMK and Jill Stuart.
*Sorry for the long list of brands. >.<*

cibicco said...

Thanks for the giveaway. I enjoy your Etsy hauls, especially those related to bath and beauty. I love handmade soaps.

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

Posted on that blog.

I would like to enter.

I like hair related posts..Asian products like bb creams and majolica etc.

Happy Birthday:D Keep blogging :D

Shan x

Whitney & the full effect said...

i LOVE your reviews on KATE, MM, Cofret d'or, skinfood- I'd love to see more asian brand makeup haulings! However, you tempt me every time- i give you credit on my hauls where needed and your name pops up alot- lol!

btw, yay for the 1st year birthday!!!

Saint said...

Congrats on your 1st B-day and thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway~

I'm interested in hearing more about Kanebo (skincare, kate eyeshadow etc), Kose, and basically Japanese eyeshadow and lip gloss hehe~

Unknown said...

first, congrats!! Yours' was the first blog I ever started reading! =)
I'd love to see more base makeup reviews (foundations, bb creams, primers). I love that you have a lot of info on korean brands, because lots of bloggers use japanese products, but not as many use korean. Keep up the great work!

Yvon said...

Happy Birthday to Lotus Palace! =D

I love your reviews on Japanese Cosmetics & Skincare. =)

I'd love to hear more skincare from you ;)

Eka said...

Happy 1st Birthday to LP! This is one of the first blogs I read about Japanese and Korean cosmetics and skincare so I would definitely want to read more of your reviews about these products. But lately, I've been following your Etsy hauls so I would also love if you post more about your Etsy hauls and favorite sellers. I am getting addicted to Etsy because of you! hehehe Anyway, may LP have more birthdays to come! :)

Sarah said...

Lotus Palace is a year old??? Where have you been all my life?! I've only just recently discovered this blog and LOVING it. Anyway, I would love to read more about BB creams. They're not available here, I hadn't even heard of them until last week! Keep up the good work :)

yiingz said...

Cool giveaway you have there! :)
Would love to read more about cheap & good Japanese cosmetic finds, esp. since the Japanese yen exchange rate is at an all-time high now :(
Keep up the good work dear! :D

-Yu- said...

oh woo! that is lovely giveaway prize.

oh i would love to hear more about Skinfood, Etude and more bb creams. I know you have a bunch of post of them, but i cannot get enough! please keep it up!

Amanda K said...

I would love to see more skincare reviews!

Anonymous said...

Hi, recently I came across your blog on the Etsy hauls and it got me started on an Etsy spree too! My first purchase has just arrived and I was very pleased with it! Thanks for sharing all the nice stuff from Etsy and I will look forward for more of your reviews. Thanks! :)

Pastel_Kawaii said...

Hello =)

I wud love to read more about Etude House and Laneige ^^

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