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Sunday, May 31, 2009

And yet another Etsy (& stationery) haul post!

Am I boring you already with my makeup unrelated Etsy posts? I will still write about them =P

The rest of the week brought me even more cute stuff from Etsy and some stationery (and a super cute case for my iPhone!).

I actually was wandering around in the shops here and can you believe it? They didn't have ONE SINGLE piece of cute stationery.
No memo pads, no pens, nothing! The only stuff you get is from that ugly Diddle Mouse (some German crap), Barbie (ugh!) and Lillifee (some fairy character). You might find a few Hello Kitty pens but I want more exotic stuff hehe. And that's it!
When you go to a stationery shop you'll only find grown-up pens etc. which is totally frustrating for anyone who likes cute (and I mean super kawaii) stuff!

I swear when I was a kid you got all sorts of cute imported (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) stationery! Anyway, that's the use of eBay and Etsy (lots of cute stuff listed under supplies!)!
I am so happy we have internet shopping!

So let's see what we have here...

First I wanted to show you my new iPhone hard cover case. I had a vinyl sticker on my phone before but it started to detach so it looked really ugly. I wanted something less messy and cute so I got this case (seller is hk-market on eBay.. case was cheap. About US$10 incl. shipping?)

Cute, isn't it? And I downloaded a Sanrio Sugarbunnies wallpaper =)
I feel like I have a new phone now! And the iPhone is a bit thicker now so it has a differnt grip now (me likey!)

Now on to the Etsy haul:


Yep, another baby blanket! I got this for US$7 as a sale item. It's the super XL size and yet another great little blanket for my toddler =) Love the bright green and cute frogs.
Here's a pic of my little lady, too! She's the only one of my 3 kids who takes after me (hair color and texture, eyes, nose) =P Even though she's more tan =P


I purchased the Sweet Shop Collection. Now can you say cute crochet desserts? I LOVE this collection! It's so sweet! All items are well-sized (about the dimensions of the real food, no itsy bitsy tiny things here!).
I have them on my table presented in a basket. So pretty! My kids constantly go and rearrange them (and play with them!).

This was really reasonably priced in my opinion (US$17 for all 5 things!). She has many more cute things in her shop!
If you're outside the USA convo her for international postage fees!


All I can say when I see this tote is awwwwwwwwww! So cute! It's not that small (fits magazines or small drugstore hauls etc.) very well! It's quite lighweight and can be folded to a very small size so I always carry this in my purse. Love it!
The tote is fully lined with a colorful polka dot fabric.


If you want high-quality but affordable cupcake-themed totes for yourself or your child this is the perfect shop. The things are cute
but in a vintage and elegant way. I got a large tote for me (so well made and rather heavy! Perfect size for magazines or other bits you want to carry around.. Lined with cream cotton and even has a small pocket inside!) and a small tote for my daughter (love the cream denim material!).
The lavender-filled bird was a free gift!


Here you can get super cute hand-carved stamps! I chose the cupcake one which is fairly large. A small piece broke away during transit despite bubble wrapping and bubble mailer but I don't care as this is handmade so little imperfections are not a problem in my opinion.
I am having an eye on her cute mushroom stamp which I might purchase later on.


Here I got a bunch of cute and cheap stationery from China. Shipping was super fast and this was the first shop that had really sweet post it notes for my day planner. Also love the cute ballpoint pens and mini letter set!

I may also recomment checking out the following stores (I purchased from them already but haven't received yet or just browsed the store and am seduced to order):

-Chigu (as a dear reader pointed out she has the cutest zakka pouches!)
-Petitemaison (this shob is run by simbiosisbyjulia, one of my favorite sellers!)
-WolfBait (more cute Japanese fabric pouches, clutches and bags)
-Handmadebymalle (she has really cute items, I didn't order yet but will soon!)
-Meeabee (haven't ordered here yet but adore her stuff!)

And still waiting on a truckload more stuff =X Seems as right now there are no interesting new Japanese collections (only waiting for Coffret D'or right now) I am concentrating on cute accessories!


Yumeko said...

ooh i am loving ur hauls
for stationary, i do like buying them on gmarket too!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I love your Etsy posts, had an ice-cream inspired couple of hauls...he he, they look so cute.

I still loved that german Mouse fellow (Diddl) for a while, but if you see him too much it might get boring. And ok, the Japanese have way cuter stuff.

Aww, your daughter is such a darling, she will be soo delighted with a mummy like you (who loves kawaii items)

Ann said...

arww.. i love your little lady's blanket! its so adorable.

CherryColors said...

Ohhh what a great haul this is!
the stationary is amazingly cute, I love buying that stuff too!
Plus I really loce the iphone cover, do you think the seller has a 1st gen ipod touch cover too?

I am really looking for something pretty for it!

sokpoprocks said...

those are all lovely things! i am a big fan of etsy also, i think if you put the word "kawaii" in the search for all items, you will find many hello kitty and other very cute sanrio stationary products =D

Anonymous said...

Aww, your little girl is so pretty! :3 If she takes the most from you, you must be very beautiful as well :) Oh my god, I just hauled from Etsy cos of you! I need to stop shopping but I have never seen so many cute stuff all at once, it's kind of overwhelming. Thanks for recommending the sellers, I always check them out right after you post them haha Again, you get the cutest, most adorable things! I might just get some stationary! n___n

Anonymous said...

omg she is soooo cuteee!! hehe so adorable!

Laura L said...

wonderful. I'm soo into these cuties too. cute stationary, paper and everything is so much love!
hehe, your lil princess is so adorble. SHe has really cute eyes.

meowie said...

your daughter is a cutie!
Nice esty haul!

Shop N' Chomp said...

Your daughter is soo cute! Didn't know you were a mommy of three.

CyNurse said...

I love the post-its! So cute! I used to collect stationary as a child. Now I collect cutesy notebooks.:)

Tracy said...

Cute stuff you gotten there!

Your little lady is the cutest of them all..she got such a happy smile

Angela Pluck said...

Wooah! So much cute stuff. I really like those totes..I will definitely check them out! :D

Sofie said...

Ee I really like all the stuff you got! Especially the cute stationary!

Limo said...

your daughter is so cute! I love your post. It reminds me of Hong Kong. I grew up there.

Anonymous said...

such a cute post! everything and your daughter too! she's growing up so fast!!! i thought the i-phone was a toy at first!

Usagi Chan said...

awww, love the case, so cute! And your baby girl is adorable ^-^

Jenn said...

Aw, your daughter is so cute.

Love the stationary from justaperfectday.

I'm waiting for coffret too =)

MiuMiu said...

thanks again for the lovely giveaway kathi!!
looks like someone has a cuteness overload haul!

Chomfifi said...

cute cell phone case

acutelife said...

Ok, I surrender, im goin to check etsy T-T too much cuteness to bear, I gotta lay my hand on some too...

Jamilla Camel said...

Total Kawaii-ness!! Your daughter and the iphone case are so adorable!!

P.S. I am a NICI addict and I collect all their sheep!

Kit said...

What an adorable little girl^^. Such a pretty smile too. The blanket is really cute . Hopefully I'll see some patterns I like on the etsy site.

paperdollrevenge said...

Your little girl is too cute!! And speaking of really know how to find cute things on Esty! The crocheted sweets are so adorable, I love all the stationary and the iPhone case is cute too!

Unknown said...

HI Kathi
Thanks for the mention of Mee a Bee. You have found so much cuteness here! Mee a Bee's free shipping offer ends June 7th!

I agree with everyone, your daughter is so cute! I have two boys, my little one is almost three, cute but a little devil!

Thanks for checking out and mentioning Mee a Bee.

Jacqui in Japan

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