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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Noevir NOV Trial Set II

This review is loooooooooong overdue. I think I used the NOV Trial Set II back in January or so. However I simply forgot to review it =P

Now since I have to rely on memory of 5 months ago I can't really review the items in-depth, I just know that I didn't like the products so I didn't purchase the full-sizes and I am glad that I tried out the Trial Kit to find out that the products didn't work for me.

NOV offers various ranges for different needs of sensitive skin:
-ACT-NOV is for sensitive acne-prone skin
-NOV II is for generally sensitive skin
-NOV III is for skin that is seasonally sensitive. It has a barrier function to protect your skin. There is a "Moist" and a "Light" range available depending if your skin is on the dry or oilier side.
-NOV Acne and AC offers more skin care for acne-prone types.

There are also a few items for all skin-types (eye gel, lip balm, moisture pack, Whitening Essence etc.)

I decided to order the NOV II Trial Set from Ichibankao. It was around US$25 or so. The individual items are quite pricey, somewhere in the US$50ies-60ies online and a bit less in Japan so I consider this a very expensive skincare line.

The Trial Set II contains:
-Cleansing Cream (Step 1)
-Washing Cream (Step 2)
-Face Lotion (Step 3)
-Moisture Cream (Step 4)
I don't remember the sizes but the thing were rather tiny. I think around 5 or 7 ml for the cream, and around 15ml for the other items/each.

I only can say that I didn't like the overall performance. Both Cleansers didn't leave my skin clean. I am used to the cleansing power of cleansing oil followed with foaming cleanser so the 2 cleansers might my skin feel sticky and not really clean.

The Face Lotion was ok, nothing so exciting. The Moisture Cream was not that thick but made my skin feel somehow icky and sticky and I believe it caused some new red bumps that occured at the time I tried the NOV kit. My skin often reacts so when I try new stuff so it might be that after longer use the NOV would have worked for me without causing a reaction.
I also found that the strong medicine smell of the cream was really upsetting me. The products are unfragranced but they really reek =X

Overall I didn't like the items and I am far much happier with Kanebo's range from Freeplus. I think the mint-colored plastic bottles and tubes of the NOV line aren't that pretty either!

Oh and a new Etsy haul post is coming soon, too (incl. a small giveaway! =D


Tam said...

good timing for the review, someone from Ichibankao has just reccomended the line to me!
haha, I think it's too pricey for me anyways!

Anonymous said...

This is NOT a Noevir product! It is a knock-off, and it looks like a horrendous one at that.

Kathi said...

Of course this is an authentic trial kit from Nov by Tokiwa Pharmaceutical (NOEVIR Group). Their items look different depending on which NOV range you use (Act-Nov etc.).
I purchased from ichibankao who go to the store in Japan to pick up the items for you so they only sell authentic stuff!

Check the website here:

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