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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer 2009: Beaute de Kose Fantasist Collection S Makeup Coffret

I've generally become more fond of Beaute de Kose in the past few years. Last year's Multi Reflection Colors Eye & Cheek Palette is truly a lovely product and the Xmas Fantasist Collection Makeup Coffret was a great value-for-money kit! I knew that they came out with new Eye Fantasists but somehow it slipped me that there was going to be a summer coffret!

When I saw the kit on Ichibankao I instantly snatched it up!

Presented in a beautiful shiny aqua blue box wrapped in aqua paper you get:

-Eye Fantasist in SP062 Double Shine & BL953 Crystal Marine (full size, 7g/each)
-Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl BE388 Misty Coral (small size, 3g)
-Loose Powder Face Powder SPF15 PA++, 6g
Glitter Gel SPF22 PA+, 25g

Eye Fantasist:
You get 2 of Beaute de Kose's super popular Eye Fantasists, I believe both are Limited Edition just for summer. They apply smoothly, blend well and don't get blotchy even when you apply 2 or 3 layers. Like most BdK's products these are scented (a soft fruity scent). Once these are dry they stay on without fading and creasing on me.

BL953 Crystal Marine is a super pale aquamarine color with fine glitter bits. It's very sheer so it just leaves a wash of color.
SP062 Double Shine is a very special and unique color. It's a metallic duochrome with added fine sparkles;
it flashes olive green or plum, depending on the angle the light hits.
The good thing is that this is really pigmented, so 2 layers give me an opaque finish so the duochrome effect comes out so well! It's similar to Shiseido's Hydropowder in Spring Plum but I think the BdK has more green and less reddish plum so it works much much better for me.

Since the Crystal Marine shade is so sheer it works nicely with the Double Shine color. If the Crystal Marine would be more pigmented I think the colors would clash quite a bit!

I thought this time I'll show you how the Eye Fantasist shades look like on skin that's much more tan than mine =P
My 7 year old daughter volunteered so you can see the colors on her hand. You see that the crystal marine looks much more silver on her hand whereas on my skin you can spot the light aquamarine tones better. Double Shine shows up much more green on her while the plum tones are more visible on my skin. =D
I don't know what's her skin color in MAC, but I'd guess at least NC30? (she's half Egyptian after all lol)

Rouge Fantasist Aqua Vinyl:
As always the texture is excellent, it's a smooth non-sticky and very glossy lip color with a beautiful sheer finish.

BE388 Misty Coral is a beautiful neutral peachy beige shade with fine shimmer bits. As you can see it shows up well on my skin but rather blends into my daughter's more tan color.

Loose Powder Face Powder SPF15 PA++:
This is a finely milled shimmery loose powder in a translucent shade.

It offers a bit sun protection but due to the shimmers I find it a bit more suitable for evening wear and/or as a highlighter during the day. I'd not use one my whole face as I'd be afraid that I'd look like a disco-ball in bright sunlight.

Glitter Gel SPF22 PA+:
This is a very pretty shimmer gel (the name is misleading, I cannot spot glitter, just fine shimmer). It's a pale pinkish color but it's very sheer so anyone could wear it as a highlighter, I imagine this would be especially pretty on your shoulders, arms and legs.

All in all the Fantasist Collection S Makeup Coffret is a great summer collection and you get 5 wearable and well-coordinated items to play with. At the price of 5250 Yen (Japanese retail) you get a great deal as the Eye Fantasists alone retail for that price so you basically get the lipgloss, powder and highlighter gel for free.

The powder, glitter gel and lipgloss feature pale plue packaging with a pretty swirly design wheras the caps of the 2 cream shadows are a pale blue metallic shade unlike the regular silver one.


Haru said...

Hey Kathi,

I haven't seen this coffret at the BdK counters in Singapore, hope we get it soon as I'm very interested in checking it out, especially the duochrome Eye Fantasist! Thanks for the wonderfully detailed review and pics :-) So cute to see your daughter volunteering her arm!

Anonymous said...

omg its gorgeous !
I love there eye fantasists =)

Jamilla Camel said...

The eye colors and gloss are gorgeous! Thanks for enabling me again ;-)

Laura L said...

oh, it is so pretty and worth!!!!
your daughter is so cute! i guess,she will be very pretty and sexy when she grows up, because she is tanned :)

Unknown said...

gosh the eye fantasists shadows are beautiful! great colour and shimmer

Shop N' Chomp said...

that metallic duochrome is sooo cool looking

Catherine said...

Wow, those Eye Fantasists are so beautiful! And it's so cute your daughter is helping you out with swatching. :D

Kathi said...

Hi Haru,
definitely check it out if you get it there! Yea, Maryam likes to play with my makeup, too =) She told me to smear everything over her arm lol

Thanks to everyone for your comments!

Yumeko said...

this is what i get for being sick
i didnt even know this out

will make a trip down to the shops once i get well

kudos to maryam for volunteering!

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