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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stationery Love: San-X Palette's Sweet Street

As promised here is a post about the cutest memo pads and letter set I received over the week featuring San-X's cat Palette and his (her?) Sweet Street.

This is exactly the style I love so much! This mix of cute and elegant, vintage and charming. The illustrations show so many details it's a pleasure just looking at the cute sheets without even using them lol =D

I got
-2 large memo pads (100 sheets/each, split into 4 designs), a letter set (4 different styles in the set...40 sheets and 20 envelopes)
-2 packets of small envelopes (10 pieces/each)
-3 smaller memo pads (30 sheets, extra thick/slightly structured paper; 2 designs per pad). 2 of the memo pads show the same design as the mini envelopes I got so they fit together perefectly!

-Letter Set:

4 sweet designs of sheets and envelopes. I really love this letter set so much! I ordered another one which might arrive within the next week!
Great value for money, I haven't seen letter sets offering this amount of paper/envelopes here!

-The larger memo pads (they measure about 6x4" or 15x10.5 cm) are so sweet, the first 25 pages are the sweetest as they're die cut.

The pad shown on top contains these sheets:

And here is the other memo pad!

-Here are the small envelopes and smaller memo pads! Again, so kawaii!


Memo pads:

Some sellers offering stationery with this character are Pomadour24 (both, eBay and Etsy), JapanKawaiiYa (Etsy), FromJapanWithLove (Etsy) and Hebeaccessories (Etsy).


Anonymous said...

So adorable!!! I love cute & intricate pieces as well. I may have to order myself some too! xD

acutelife said...

where did you buy these?etsy or ebay?and could you also put the price (in your next post), so I can calculate how much damage on my wallet should I expect :P

Shop N' Chomp said...

i love san-x. they give sanrio a good run for their money.

Kathi said...

Hi Hana,
I listed the sellers at the very end of my post =D
The items were all about US$6/each plus shipping

. said...

TOOO CUUUUTE! =D A girl can never have too much cute stationery!

CyNurse said...

The stationery sets are so cute! I collected stationery when I was in grades school and I'm thinking of starting a new one now.

Unknown said...

Pomadour is a brilliant seller!! I got this too Kathi!! What fab taste lol

Rin said...

This brings back memories. I used to collect these. Actually I still have them somewhere in my closet. They used to have sweet fragrance on them, like they have been sprayed with perfume. Yours are soo cute!

Jamilla Camel said...

I love ANYTHING with kitties on them *faints*

makeupmag said...

All shades of awesome, those sheets are! Love the cake and ice cream ones especially. :)

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