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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer 2009: Kate Lasting Color Eyes GY-1 and PK-1

Woot, an actual beauty review! =P Don't worry, next Etsy haul post coming soon =P

Lavshuca came out with swivel-out eyeshadow sticks for last Xmas and now Kanebo decided to release a similar (or pretty much the same) product with Kate's (small) Summer 2009 collection.

I am not a fan of the Lavshuca Stick Eyeshadows (review here) and don't like Kate's version any better.

Kate's Lasting (?!?!?!) Color Eyes smudge, fade and crease like nobody's business on me (I am more talking about the darker color as the highlighter shade I picked virtually blends into my skin).
Since the skin around my eyes and on my lids is on the normal-dry side nearly nothing smudges on me except for those grease cream shadows...and Kate's stick eyeshadow is a greasy mess on.

All in all i just can give them a nay. The highlighter shade works though, best worn just under my brows and on the inner corners of my eyes (where it doesn't last that long though(.

I got
GY-1: I am actually quite annoyed with this pencil in specific.
What should I say more, the color is just not a "GY" (gray) but a dirty brown on me. I expected a taupey color but it's far away from gray or taupe.

PK-1 is your standard pearly baby pink highlighter/pastel shadow.

At least these are cheap, around US$9 or so? Adambeauty has them listed so you can get them there for a good price if you want to try them (because it might work for others, e.g. Birkinbagbeauty likes hers!)

I'll update with swatch pics later! NO EOTD pics as the shadow looked like a mess even before I even finished applying mascara!


fuzkittie said...

Wow can't believe that they are so messy!!

Anonymous said...

i can imagine why they are messy, I tried MAC & MUFE sticks before and they were all messy by my book! i can't deal with shadow sticks. just too much trouble.

AskMeWhats said...

awww thanks for letting us know, gosh just by mere looking at it, it looks HOT!!!! Glad you told us about the no for me!

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