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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Etsy (& stationery) week =D

Ahaha, sorry to disappoint those who thought I am strictly back to beauty blogging lol! I got so much cute Etsy stuff I just have to share the pics with you (and I know many of my readers enjoy Etsy haul posts, too!) =D

As always I will sort by sellers:

You know that I love this store so the last thing I picked up was a business card wallet! I got 2 kinds of business cards last week (one batch of super cute ones and some more serious ones lol). Quite a good amount of cards can fit in each side and the little Japanese bear fabric applique is so sweet!

I fell in love with this sweet little Matryoshka purse so it had to be mine right away =P It's really well made (very professional!). It's a little smaller than I usually like (as I tote tons of stuff around lol) but it still can hold all essentials and some extras! It's really sweet! The nesting dolls fabric is from Japan.
The seller is very sweet, she even sent me an extra little gift!

Yet another purchase in one of my fave Etsy stores. Her skills are just incredible, everything she makes is impeccable! I ordered a few more things that are on the way to me (I hope to get them by mid of the week).
This is a gadget holder/pouch/wristlet. The taupe linen is from Japan (99% of the pouches etc. I buy on Etsy are made from Japanese fabrics as there just have the sweetest designs!) I attached it to my purse to keep my eco bag handy inside but it also makes a really practical cam bag!

Yep, purchased again from that store (and still have a few packages from her coming)! She had that pouch sale going on for 2 weeks and I shamelessly indulged in tons of pouches.
This purchase however only included 1 pouch for myself (the one with the little chicks). The robots pouch is for my son, the one with the owls for my daughter (she loves owls!) and the pink one with the bear heads is the wrapping for 2 hand-crocheted rattles I purchased for my cousin (who already passed her due-date and we all hope the baby will be here within the next days!).
All fabrics (except the one with the owls) are Japanese =).
I received another clutch/pouch set I posted about here.

I purchased this cute animals tote from her a month or so ago and find it so useful and well made that I purchased the other tote she had up for grabs! You can fold these really small so it's easy to carry them with you. The Little Red Riding Hood tote is lined with a cute striped fabric.
She has some cute pillows in her store (and other bits) so I recommend having a look there!
Japanese fabric again =D

And now on to the stationery I got:

This Japan-based Etsy seller offers all sorts of cute letter sets, wrapping bags, deco tapes etc.
I purchased 2 Palette's Sweet Street DIN-A4 folders to hold the scripts I was writing over the past 2 weeks. Such cute folders just make me smile before I read that super boring law stuff lol
I also got deco tapes and wrapping bags (those who ordered from me within the past few days and from now on will recognize them when they open their packages hehe). The pencils have been shared with my kids =P

I was a little pissed with this seller as he/she sent my package via SAL shipping (the cheapest shipping option in Japan and FAR faster than surface mail) instead of airmail so it took over 2 weeks to get here (I was already worried that it got lost because airmail from Japan doesn't take that long) but after all the items are so sweet and I am happy I got them!

I received yet another Palette's Sweet Street letter set and found this other sweet San-X letter set "Happy Colors Pleasant Patterns" which is (style-wise) similar to Palette's Sweet Street (though the black cat looks a little different and is only printed on one of the letter designs and overall they're a bit more plain (but as cute as) Sweet Street.
Each of the letter sets contains a whopping 40 sheets and 20 envelopes in 4 designs! I paid US$7.25/each plus shipping.
I also got a Rilakkuma pen =)

I actually thought that this package got lost as I ordered it nearly a month ago. But it showed up finally =D
I got some cute sticky notes and a card case (though it's not really that nice, I don't know why I ordered it lol).

-Shantonghouse (eBay!):
I got 2 sets of plasters for the kids and a cute Sugarminuet ballpoint pen (5 colors) and a memo pad.


Whitney & the full effect said...

haha you LOVE etsy!! i do too- it's sooo addicting- I love all of the items you get! sooo cute :)

Unknown said...

Oh! So adorable..
You are promoting etsy so much I am trying to not buy anything hahaha. But thanks so much for posting the sellers too, very useful so we don't have to search nice ones (also your opinion about shipping services is good too). Thanks!! Hope you are enjoying all of the new items :)

Jamilla Camel said...

Thank you for sharing all that Kawaii-ness!

Appreciation of beauty is also appreciation of the Kawaii!!

Laura L said...

whaat a wonderful haul!!!

aileen said...

what a cute hauling u did!

Rita said...

Oh cute... i also love to buy things at etsy... i hope to open my own shop there soon! i want to sell some dresses i make hehe.. but i have to wait til i get the time to take orders, i suppose.

Catherine said...

Hehehehehe, cute haul!!

Kim said...

Wow im in awe, your etsy hauls are amazing! i love everything you buy :)

Ann said...

whoa! how do you get everything used up?! but i love your etsy stationary posts (a little too much sometimes). LOL! i've done a haul or two myself too.

acutelife said...

I enjoy your etsy posting very much! :D

Linda said...

Oh wow! Those are some really, really cute items. I think I am going to pick up a bc holder now! =)

Kathi said...

Hehe, thanks ladies =D

justltee said...

I love looking at your Etsy hauls!

makeupmag said...

Love your cutesy-Etsy finds! LRR is adorable.

And thanks for the heads-up re: the BdK coffret. I LOVE Eye Fantasists and these look awesome.

Annie Dong said...

OH MY! Awesome cuteness! I love Etsy's stuff - such a variety. I have so much cute stationary, but I don't have the heart to use them, so them just gather dust haha!

SiamSquare said...

Thank you for introducing my shop & items!
You have so many cute stuff and they are mostly from Japan... makes me miss it there, Japan is a shopping paradise, I tell ya.

I gotta check some of these shops myself. You have a good eye on cute things and I enjoyed looking at your shopping results (^o^)/

Sofie said...

I love the little pouch you bought! And the cute stationary!
Very nice buys!

preonie said...

Hi Kathi,

I love your review and all those cute items. Owesome!!!!

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