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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Etsy haul time again =P (Pic heavy as always!)

This week has been quite successful (Etsy-wise) again =P
From Monday until today I received multiple packages daily =D

I finally got the grand part of my stationery haul (though a big Gmarket parcel which is due to arrive on Friday morning and couple of smaller eBay and Etsy memo pads etc. purchases are still missing).

I wanted to mention that most Etsy sellers wrap their items in cute paper etc. I am just an impatient person and can't wait to see the things so I unwrap them before I take pics =X

As always sorted by sellers:


I ordered here before (and posted about it) and I couldn't resist the other cute tote she had up for grabs. It looks small on the pic but it's actually a large tote (About 15"x12" or 38x30cm). The quality is excellent just like the other totes I got before!


This shop is offering free shipping worldwide! And her pricings are good, too! I got this cute travel wallet/passport or checkbook holder and I really love it! The (Japanese) fabric is really lovely and craftsmanship is fantastic. I really adore this!
Has 4 pockets (2 large ones, 2 card-sized pockets.
She has lots more of these pretty wallets in her store, mostly (if not all) made with Japanese fabrics!


I ordered 2 cute pouches with sweet Japanese deer prints from her sale section. I was the 100th sale she did on Etsy so she sent me a whopping 2 free pouches, a necklace and 2 pretty greeting cards (blank ones) to celebrate this event!
That's really generous considering that my purchase was just worth US$15!
The pouches are really well made, very slim and can hold quite a bit stuff (they are a good size for pencils, sewing stuff, makeup tools (of course hehe)


In this store you can find cute gadget/mobile phone pouches and other bits. I opted for the sweet house-shaped key pouch as it was instant love once I spotted it!
I think the quality of this is excellent and the key pouch works really well. Exactly what I was missing so far!
All fabrics are from Japan.


Yep, another haul from one of my favorite sellers! This time I decided on a padded case for my iphone (yes, I have already iphone sleeves, but since I put my phone in that hardcover case it's too wide and long for the custom-fitted iphone cases so I needed something a little bigger). I love the Japanese Matryoshka fabric, the colors are so sweet!
I also purchased a tiny pouch for the change I keep in my car.


This shop is run by Julia from simbiosisbyjulia, too! Here she is selling a special style of home decor items (not so much variety so far, I am sure she's very busy with her other shop =P). I purchased this lovely wall pocket to keep random papers etc. in place.
Julia is always delivering perfect quality =D
Japanese fabric is used as with most of her items.


If you have a Nintendo DS Lite and are searching for a totally kawaii sleeve (all Japanese fabrics) then have a look in this shop! You can also get pouches for other gadgets and also passport pockets.
I purchased this adorable strawberry sleeve for my future (!) DS Lite I am planning to reward myself with after passing this exam in June/July (I hope I'll pass!) =P As you can see there are also 2 small pockets for DS games or memory cards if you store a cam inside (lol I tucked 2 of the candies I received from Yumeko so you can see the pockets better).
I also got a passport pocket because I loved the combination of fabrics so much!
I am also getting a custom banner/logo designed from her (pssst, that's secret!) so I hope Lotus Palace will look cute, soon!
I think you can see on the pics that these are absolutely well made!


I found out about this seller on Birkinbagbeauty where she posted her beautiful pocket wallet! So I wanted to make use of the free shipping and ordered a wallet made from cute Japanese sheep fabric for myself =D It's mainly for cards (or bills if you fold them) and has also a zippered compartment if you want to tuck some change inside. I got this for my holiday in Egypt as I only take 2 credit cards and some money bills with me when I am there (they hardly use coins).

I got stationery from the following sellers:


-pomadour24 (has stores on eBay and Etsy):
The haul includes 2 letter sets, 1 from Sanrio (Sugarbunnies) and 1 from San-X (Palette's Sweet Street about which I'll be posting later). The letter sets are great value for money! The Sanrio one contains 24 envelopes and 48 writing sheets! The San-X letter set comes with 20 envelopes and 40 sheets. Both contain various designs and were around US$6/each (plus shipping). Very good deal if you ask me!
I don't like those letter sets where you get like 4 envelopes and 8 sheets =P

-chuhome (eBay):
You see that Masyumaro (that cute cat) memo pad? It's so cute! The kitty is nekkid and you get "clothes" to dress him with =D

I will do a post dedicated to the Palette's Sweet Street stationery I got from the 3 seller above (as I took lots of pics so deserves an extra post)


Shop N' Chomp said...

kathi, you have hands down the most kawaii hauls. i am especially digging the bambi ones.

aileen said...

So cute! <3

justltee said...

What great Etsy finds! I've bookmarked cozyholidaycottage and the various others. Thank you so much for blogging/reviewing these.

KRYSTAL said...

woww thats alot! they are allll so cuute!

Anonymous said...

The cutest Etsy haul ever!

Amelia said...

Thanks for the heads up for the worldwide free shipping by Cozyholidaycottage!!!

I'm a huge fan of thienthien as well.
I have bought her wallets as gifts many times and it never fails as a great present. I myself own one ^^

acutelife said...

I love all your hauls but in particular the cellphone pouch!it's very unique!!

birkinbagbeauty said...

Oh ohoh, death by cuteness! I really want to stock up on stationary after seeing your post and I have been opening all the links you provided...sight.

I hope you like your Thientahl wallet as well...And when are you going to Egypt?

Kathi said...

I'll be in Egypt from July 27 to August 25. I haven't been there for 2 years now but it's time to go and visit hubby's family there again!

Anonymous said...


Sorry, this post got me really excited. Everything is so adorable, I can't stand it, I gotta get some more Etsy stuff! xD I'm going to check out those sellers now. It's an addiction now!

CheyneCuts+Collects said...

Thank you so much for writing about my pouches! What a wonderful, gracious customer you are!

Wynda said...

Hi Kathi, I've been followed your blog for ages, just dunno wat to comment ^^
You were right, Etsy is sure addictive, and because of all your reviews, it becomes more addictive to me >_< I like the store siamsquare as well, luv all her works, just amazing, going to order some from hers. ^^
Although I miss your cosmetics reviews, but I luv ur Etsy reviews too so pls keep updating, ne~ ^___^
p/s: i luv the nds holder, and the key holder too >__<

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