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Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Etsy week so far =P + Giveaway!

Yea I definitely got addicted to the sweetness of handcrafted goods from Etsy. And to stationery you can find there in the "supplies" category!

Packages keep coming in daily right now lol! I think I received stuff every day for the past 1 1/2 weeks except on last Thursday! And this Monday was a postal/public holiday so no mail either!
But I got quite a load of new cuties from Tuesday until today and if I should get something(s) tomorrow I will simply update this post tomorrow!

So the stuff is sorted by sellers as (very pic heavy post as usual =P):


Reader Anissa commented on one of my previous Etsy haul posts recommending to check out seller chigu on Etsy. And I did and ordered 2 things haha (2 orders but they arrived yesterday and today)!
Chigu has hands-down the cutest, sweetest and most kawaii patchwork/applique pouches you can imagine. Her favorite color is pink as you will notice when you look at the pouches lol! (My fave color is pink, too, so this stuff is for me!)

Each pouch tells you a little story and you can feel with how much love these have been handcrafted. For the amount of work spent on each pouch her prices are very reasonable so I highly recommend checking out her shop!

I got the "Pink Bear Matryoshka Pakkun Pouch" (this has a squeeze know those metal things sewn in the top part so you just squeeze to open) and the "Pink Bunny Mummy Sleeping Bag Zipper Pouch".
Aren't they adorable? The zipper pouch is considerably large so it holds a good amount of cosmetics!
Did you spot the cute "Thank You"-tags on the pics? They come with a little brooch!


Here I found this super cute small My Melody tote bag! It's very sweet and well made (and lined with cute pink gingham fabric). It's a gift for my cousin (the one who's getting a baby.. I'll put her swaddler blankets in the tote!)


I posted about this seller before here. Her handmade items are just perfect quality and excellent craftsmanship.
I purchased this super cute Cinnamoroll box pouch and the organizer which holds so much stuff (9 cards slots, various other slots and even a zippered pocket on the back)!
She is definitely one of my favorite sellers and I check her store daily for new listings!


I found this funny little keyring in the iPod Nano-design. Look at the pear on the back of it lol! In this shop you can also find sweet coasters, magnets and other bits you might like!


This is yet another favorite seller. Her pouches, clutches, totes and other stuff are made of the sweetest Japanese fabrics. I ordered the 2 items when she had a sale and it took a while for them to get here (no idea why! The other packages sent on the same day came last week and before). Anyway, the items were really cheap but as always perfect quality, cute fabrics and just lovely all around!
I got the large Matryoshka tote and a pencil case/cosmetics case with the cutest little animal town.
Tomorrow a pouch sale will start in her shop so have a look there!


I also got some cute deco tapes, gift bags and a little memo pad from seller craftingbug. They're mainly for packing up stuff from my sales blog, contests etc. =D


This was actually my very first Etsy order on the 2nd of May but seems Ella is so swamped with orders that it takes her some time to produce everything and get things mailed out! I read about her line "Beautiful Twists" on Musings of a Muse and really liked the cute packaging/nice person behind the products.

I got (from the "Sexy Librarian" range) the Cinnamon Roll Room Spray (so good! This smells like the real thing!), Maneater Vanilla Cupcake Body Mist & Lip Conditioner (nice, sweet marshmallow-y vanilla scent) and Kary Had a Big Lamb Fairy Tale Body Mist & Lip Conditioner (the Body Mist is a bit too strong and flowery for me but the Lip Conditioner's Coconut Milkshake flavor is really yummy).
I also received 2 free lipbalms.
I am giving away one of them (read on the bottom of this post for more information).

As you can see on the pics her stuff came wrapped really nicely and there were cute hand-written notes on the back of the labels, too!


I am giving away the Beautiful Twists Lip Conditioner in Banafrit (Egyptian Marshmallow & Watermelon Bubble Gum)

To enter the giveaway you have to:

-become a follower of my blog if you aren't yet

-leave a comment (no specific content required)...please make sure I can identify you by your nick or first name!
-Contest ends on Monday, June 8th 2009, 6 PM (my time, GMT +1)
-Winner will be announced in a new post after random selection by
-Please contact me with 3 days to claim your prize or another winner will be selected!

-Prize will be shipped by airmail WORLDWIDE within 2 business days after winner contacts me! Happy participating and Good Luck!


Elena said...

Etsy is so cute!

I wish i could find that stuff here in Chile!!

sokpoprocks said...

all your things are so kawaii!!! i just recently put in an order for my first etsy shop item EVER! its a hand made messenger bag, i thought it just looked so sleek and stylish, and most of all, UNIQUE

Shop N' Chomp said...

zomg...*dies from cuteness*

Jenn said...

ooo, such cute stuff. I'll have to explore etsy a bit more for some stationary goods!

yay giveaway =)


theotherworldly said...

Oh my goodness everything is so adorable! And her lip balm seems so interesting, honestly I am a lip balm addict. :)

Anonymous said...

deco tapessssssssssssssss goshhhh!! so cuteeeeeeeeee!

Vanessa said...

I'm itching to order some etsy now.

Giveaways are awesome! Thanks

dodo said...

Luv'em, nice haul, thanks for posting!

Chickadee said...

Adorable haul! Love everything and you continue to get me hooked on Etsy sellers! Thanks! ~Diane

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

Enter me..
So cute.. Etsy is so great.

NiNi said...

Too bad I can't find Etsy in my country! >.< Else I would have bought some of these for my daddy as Fathers' Day gift. :)

Laura L said...

I love your etsy haul from craftingbug the most... and also the blue cute bag that u used to keep your deco tape. lol, it is soo uber lovely.
thanks for the expose and pictures

Anonymous said...

i want to be part of the giveaway (:

Unknown said...

Your etsy hauls are soo cute! I am so tempted to get stuff from etsy and inspired to make some crafts myself.. Very unique and adorable!
Wow another giveaway? I'll take part... Just having fun! Thanks :D

Tam said...

wow that lipbalm sounds so yummy!

birkinbagbeauty said...

I am not going to join the competition (for a change) because I have really a lot of Elladeam stuff right now. I like her line, but it takes ages to arrive nowadays...she is so busy.

I love that Siamsquare haul and Inkjet...I will check them out for sure...

cleung341 said...

I love your Etsy hauls. What good finds.

Grace said...

ooh enter me please! i love lip products xD
all the stuff you got is so cute. etsy is amazing :)

Whitney & the full effect said...

YAYY for giveaways- i'm doing one as well :)

consider me in-
i love etsy shopping- so addictive.
you should really check out CozyMoments.
I did a review on it- the pink sugared coconut cream is one of the best scents I have EVER smelt!

Anonymous said...

why do you have to be so sute???!!! :P

K said...

that chigu pouch is soo cute.

I think I'm going to have to get one for my mini instax camera ><

thanks for letting me know about this^^

eymasar said...

love love love the etsy things... i wish i could buy them...u n yr etsy things are awesomeee!!!

Anonymous said...

my 3-year-old was sitting on my lap while i was viewing your blog. she kept on oohing on your etsy stuff. :)


[hazel] said...

Cute haul as always!
I can never have enough balms! Thanks for the giveaway!


Camille Santos said...

you have so many cute items!!i hope they have it here as well

Anissa said...

I am happy to hear that you like Chigu's stuff so much. I was going to order the sleeping bunny zip pouch, but you beat me to it! Hehehe No worries, I got something else instead.

Chomfifi said...

wow so many cute etsy stuff!

and i would love to enter your free giveaway!

acutelife said...

I'm in without doubt!!thx kathie

MiuMiu said...

holy crap that's a huge haul..your mailman/woman must be so annoyed hahaha. i think i'm annoying my admin office cuz all my packages get delivered to the main office where they receive it XD

discogirl said...

Everything is adorable, but I think my favorite items are from Siamsquare! Toooo cute!

Yumeko said...

you are my official etsy reviewer i swear XD

Keziah said...

ow wow! cool items. i wish i could get some of those stuffs:D

Elena said...

SOOOOO Lovely!!!!!!!!!

I'm loving the Etsy stuff!!

Melia said...

That is such a great haul! I love anything to do with stationary....

Lulu said...

Etsy has TOO much cute stuff, kawaii overload!

watercoloursky said...

i just ordered several tape designs because of you! Etsy is really addictive so I try to stay away...

slipbananapeel said...

I love that box pouch. Thanks for showcasing these cute little things. And Yay for giveaways:)

Anna said...

Hi Kathi! Please please adopt me (never mind that I'm actually older than you are!!), so that I can come and enjoy all your wonderful stuff both makeup-related and unrelated!!

They Say Fairytales Could Never Exist In Real Life said...

I wish i can shop wonderful things like you :(

tessa said...

Hi Kathi,

I love your etsy haul posts!! :) I'd also like to enter your giveaway!



Lumy said...

Hii, love your haul, so cute! =)

Anonymous said...

hey, does your little girl ever try to get her hands on your cute stuff??? I bet she would!

cibicco said...

I love buying bath and beauty items from Etsy. I would recommend thegardenbath's lip butters, they're smell so delicious.

Ann said...

yumm.. sounds yummy!

Ida said...

did i make it in time for the deadline? sure hope i did :) i'm a new follower, found your blog through soapaholic's.

i want so many things from etsy since i love anything vintage and treasure unique, handmade things, but international shipping can be so costly :(

i love elladean's too :)

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