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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gmarket haul & face-lift for my netbook =P

Yesterday I got my latest Gmarket haul consisting of stationery (for me and the kids) and some Etude House stuff (mainly sun lotions for our Egypt trip in August). Among the Etude House stuff is their new eyeshadow primer which so far seems to be pretty awesome (review will follow soon!)

I ordered a ton of deco tapes and paper stickers and when I was sitting in front of them I wondered what to use them for except for sticking on letters and in my day planner... And I came up with the idea to primp my netbook as I was bored with the standard white surface (i had some HK stickers on it but after all...a snore!)

These Milk 101 pens (assorted colors, they're scented!!) are great, too!

So here is my netbook (and I am kinda proud of how pretty it came out =D) I bought a transparent sticky plastic foil used for covering school books to seal the surface but the pics show the netbook without it =D (Click to enlarge!)


Unknown said...

That came out extremely cute! which store in gmarket did you get the stickers??!!! I cannot wait to see your review as well!

Anonymous said...

How much was this and what seller did you buy from?

Unknown said...

I love gmarket! I love the stuff that you got, so cute<3

Lulu said...

wow taht's so pretty, you make me want to decorate my netbook now! but it's pink and i don't want to cover the color up, hehehe :)

KRYSTAL said...

so cute!! i love the haul! esp the stationaries!

cc said...

could you teach us how to order from gmarket, please? :)

Soapaholic said...

Love the end result!:)

Btw, could you please do a review on the Etude House sun guards some time?:)

Anonymous said...

oh that's so cute !
i want to try that for my netbook ^_^

Laura L said...

nice haul. can u make a review on the sunblock that u get from etude house?
I saw them today in my local store, but not sure how they works

acutelife said...

Pretty netbook! It looks very girlish :D I love collecting sticker tape too,when it
Becomes overwhelming I included them in a swap asa extra bits (most of my collections still new and unused) lolz

izumi said...

oh i love reading your etsy hauls :D so cute! i love how you redecorated!!

Tracy said...

WAH! Cute netbook deco! I loves those pretty stuff u have gotten in Gmarket... how do we understand what is said over Gmarket? DO review on the etude stuff! :) Thanks

Shop N' Chomp said...

what a cute way to deco your netbook!

aichaku-愛着 said...

so pretty!
ah i got those same stickers you have too! :D

Shen said...

wow! great haul. i use to collection a lot of stationary before. :)

miemiemie said...

wow! the cutest haul i've ever seen :D

CyNurse said...

Compared to yours, my netbook looks so plain and boring. :-(

Anonymous said...

Kawaiii...! Love how you wrapped your netbook! <3

suzieduck said...

hi, i've been lurking your blog since last nov. so much so that you inspired me to stalk gmarket and made the husband buy me Etude house goodies last christmas on his business trip. see here :P

i just want to tell you that i enjoy looking at your EOTDs and that you did an amazing job at decorating your netbook.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your milk pens? Oh, I want them so bad, :3

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