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Friday, June 19, 2009

Meet my newest baby =P

Some time ago I decided it was time to get a nice new smaller digicam.
The one I actually use is about 7-8 years old (2.1 MP! WOOT!) and still takes excellent pics (Olympus Camedia C-2100) but it's really huge and bulky thus not suitable for toting around.

I used to take pics with my iPhone cam when I was on the go but the pics just aren't good (well, those in bright sunlight are ok, but indoors you can forget it!) so I checked the stores here for a small but not too expensive cam (and I wanted an Olympus as I have good experience with this brand!)

So I came home with this one (I told the guy in the shop I want a cute small pink cam that's not too pricey hehe):

Olympus FE-5010 with 12 Megapixel (I use the 5 MP setting, that's easily large enough!). It has a 5x Optical Zoom which isn't bad (my old cam has 10X though!).
The pics it takes are good quality and what's also very important to me is that taking pics is fast. One thing about my old digicam which bugs me is the long time it takes to actually take the pic after pushing the button!

I also got the memory card and an extra battery.

I received this cute pouch set from simbiosisbyjulia (on Etsy) a few days ago and it fits very well for the cam!
I use the larger pouch for the cam and USB cable and tuck the small one in to hold the extra battery and a memory card adapter (to use Micro SD cards with the cam!). The small pouch, cam and cable fit in perfectly!

I love the fabric! It's so sweet! Oh, new Etsy haul post up soon AND I am getting a package from Ichibankao (it's out for delivery) including the limited Beaute de Kose coffret and some other goodies so actual makeup reviews coming SOON!

Here's a closeup pic taken with the new cam, I think it's quite good!

I paid €169 for the camera, €27 for the extra battery and about €13 for the memory card. That surely includes our 20% sales tax *sigh*


Jamilla Camel said...

Congrats on the new camera!! Excellent pics of your kawaii goodies!

CherryColors said...

Yay for the camera, it's really pretty! ^^

miemiemie said...

congrats on your new camera!

Joeyana said...

Such a cute camera^^
By the way love the new layout

Chomfifi said...

cool new layout and camera!

vanilla said...

really cute pouch !

Anonymous said...

I can see the hatchmarks in this pic! Nice. The cam is so cute and takes good pictures, congrats! And we all get to enjoy the wonderful hauls even more :D

Mz. W said...

nice camera! I'm so hooked on browsing through etsy...hahah! Cute set for the your new baby~ =P

Shop N' Chomp said...

Congrats on the new the color!!

KRYSTAL said...

yay for the new camera! dont u just love new cameras.. hehe. i need a new one! mines about to retire!

Catherine said...

Cute new camera and pouch for it!

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